Can you fax from iPhone? With today's software applications, it's easy to turn any of your smart devices into a virtual fax machine so you can conduct business at home or away from the office. Turning your iPhone into a fax machine is a process that will only take a few minutes and is much easier than using a traditional fax machine.

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Can You Fax From iPhone? The Easy Way to Send a Fax

Sending a fax from your iPhone is the easiest way to send any important documents you may have. Not only are iPhones more secure than other types of devices, but iOS software is also compatible with many types of online fax services. Sending a fax from your iPhone or other iOS device is a much better method than using a traditional email account to send documents, particularly if you want to protect your documents from potential cyber threats.

Download the Fax App From Apple Store

The first thing you only need to do is go to the Apple Store and find a fax application that can be installed on your phone. There are many applications to choose from, so be sure to read the details about the app and select the application that is best for you.

Many applications offer free trials or free pages so you can test out the service. You may also want to consider whether you can use the service on a monthly or annual subscription, depending on how often you will need to send faxes from your phone or other smart devices.

Register and Verify Gmail Account

After you find and install a fax application from the Apple Store, you will need to open the application and register your Gmail account. Some fax applications may accept other email providers, but Gmail is the most common. When you register your Gmail account, you will also need to verify the phone number that is associated with this account.

This process will ultimately assign you a digital fax number that will be associated with your email. The digital fax number is what will create the encrypted channel that allows you to send a digital fax.

Scan or Attach Your Document

Next, you will need to scan or attach your document to the online fax application, depending on which application you are using. iPhones and iPads are pre-installed with a scanner that will allow you to scan physical documents using your camera application. You may also be able to attach documents from your iCloud Drive or local storage on the device you're using.

Importantly, you will only be able to attach PDF or text-only documents. This is because, just like a traditional fax machine, digital fax is unable to send image-only files. Some files you attach may be automatically converted into PDF format to make it easier to send documents securely.

Add the Recipient's Fax Number

Next, you will need to add the recipient's fax number in the “to” field on your email. You can send your fax directly to a traditional fax machine or to another digital fax number. In either case, your fax will be sent through an encrypted channel that will keep your data secure. This is probably the biggest advantage of using digital fax versus email, since the encryption will keep all of your documents safe from malware or other cyberattacks.

Your iPad, iPhone, or even Mac can all be turned into a digital fax machine. Many fax applications are compatible with iOS software, which will enable you to turn any of your smart devices into a fax machine.

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