In 2021, the age of all things digital, fax relevance is still high.  People trust the information exchange it provides.  However, online faxing is something some people hesitate to try.  It seems as if paperless fax would be widely embraced, but it has taken some people a while to move toward the advancement.

Increased Fax Dependency

Fax usage, on the whole, is still on the increase.  In a survey from International Data Corporation, 82 percent of those surveyed said they were using fax more than in the past.  As more people realize the practical use of online faxing, the use of it has grown.   The cost savings and increase in efficiency are becoming clear.

The Report by the International Data Corporation highlighted some interesting data on fax usage:

  • Cloud fax service usage is projected to continue to grow.
  • Faxing was on the increase at a rate of 27 percent in comparison to the previous year.
  • It is projected companies will see an additional 25 percent increase in fax usage over the next two years.
  • People consider faxing to be one of the most reliable sources of information exchange.
  • People widely trust fax for secure information exchange.
  • The simplicity of fax technology is one of the driving forces of its popularity.
  • Companies accommodate the demands of consumer and suppliers who use fax.

Faxing's Impact In Tech

All indications point to faxing in 2021 and beyond to be highly relevant.  Even in the IT field professionals recognize the trend.  Spiceworks has a membership network of over half a million Information Technology professionals.  Their research shows that almost 90 percent of small to medium-sized organizations use fax.  When polled there were ten main reasons faxing was still widely supported in tech:

1) Generational familiarity and confidence in the technology.

2) Customer demand.

3) Governmental standards encourage faxing.

4) Fax is widely believed to be safe from the effects of viruses.

5) Faxing is believed to be affordable, more so than other secure information delivery methods.

6) Regulatory guideline compliance.

7) Ability to scan, copy and distribute fax from any device that is web-enabled.

8) It is a less expensive and simple backup platform.

9) There are challenges getting organizations to switch from fax to other platforms.

10) Legal discovery severely depends on the paper trail.

Cloud Faxing

The fact is, until paper becomes obsolete, people will fax it.  Fortunately, digital progress is rapidly moving forward.  More secure and efficient fax options like cloud faxing are available.  Cloud faxing is more time efficient because it removes wait times for confirmations.  It also creates additional security by preventing sensitive documents from being left in machines.  From a cost perspective, digital faxing is more pragmatic.  The need for toner, paper, and fax maintenance are eliminated.

If you are interested in advancing your systems with cloud faxing, is capable of supporting your needs.  We can help you place your business on the edge of technology.  Send your first digital fax today!