Pretty much everybody has Googled “fax machines near me” at one point or another. Almost nobody has a fax machine in their home, and fewer and fewer businesses have them of late. You often need to visit an office center, a library, or some other establishment if you wish to fax documents these days. Well, did you know you can send a fax right from your phone? In many cases, using your phone is better than using a fax machine.

Reasons Faxing from Your Phone Is Better Than Using a Fax Machine

1. No More Searching “Fax Machines Near Me”

Sometimes trying to find services near you is a nightmare. You might find that the nearest place with a fax machine is miles away, so you'll have to drive for an hour just to send off some documents. Plus, when you pull up the search results, there are often tons of ads and many different options to choose from. Seeing all those options can be pretty stressful, and sometimes, the options aren't even relevant to your search. That's even more annoying!

2. No More Dealing with Papers

If you fax regularly, then you likely have to keep a supply of paper in your house. This takes up space, it's an added expense, and it can be messy. Organizing papers isn't super easy either, and if one page gets lost, it can ruin everything. It's even worse if there are tons of pages in your document, and multiple have gone missing, but you're not sure which ones you don't have anymore.

When you email from your phone or another device that isn't a fax machine, everything is digital. You're working with PDF documents and similar formats. If the other person wants the physical fax, then they can receive what you send via their fax machine, or they can print out your fax after receiving it via their email account. This takes the burden of printing documents off you, and it stops you from having unnecessary physical papers lying around.

3. No More Printers

Not everybody has a printer in their home. Plus, it's hard to find access to a printer on the go. People working from home or while traveling really don't have it easy when it comes to sending a fax. When you fax from your phone, you'll never have to worry about finding somewhere to print out your files before sending them again.

4. No More Security Woes

Sending a fax from your phone is as secure as sending an email. It's all encrypted, and nobody can see the content of your files, your subject line, or anything else. You don't have that security with physical faxes, as anybody could sneak a peek at your printed paper when you're not looking. It's even better if the recipient receives your fax digitally, too, because then there's no security risk on their end, either.

5. No More Being Flustered

Everybody deserves to take some time off from work, but sometimes emergencies arise and you have to start working mid-vacation. Maybe somebody mixed up some dates, so you must fax them important documents ASAP when you thought you could wait until you'd finished your vacation. If you store your files on Google Drive and use an online fax service, then there's no need to get all flustered and panic about finding a place to send your fax anymore.

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