Created and developed by the tech manufacturing giant Xerox, the modern fax machine is actually over five decades old now. In years gone by, many businesses and individuals relied on fax machines and services so that they could send or receive documentation to and from other parties right away. In the days before email became the norm in terms of sending and receiving documents, the fax machine was considered vital equipment in most business premises.

Over recent years, we have all seen just how quickly the world of technology has evolved. We can now send and receive documentation by email, which has helped to speed things up for both businesses and individuals. In addition, we also now have access to online faxing so you can quickly and conveniently fax online without the need for a machine.

The downfall of the fax machine

After being considered a vital piece of equipment for many decades, the fax machine is now being seen as obsolete by many businesses. Of course, there are still some offices and businesses that use traditional fax machines. However, these are becoming fewer and fewer, as modern technology is helping to kill off the fax machine.

One of the things that people now hate about using a fax machine is that they have to be in a particular location – i.e. right next to the machine. This is not viable for those that work remotely or need to send and receive documents outside office hours because it means having to head to the office. In addition, we live in a fast-paced world and patience has little room in today's world of business. Most people do not have the time, patience, or inclination to stand queuing up to use the fax machine when they have other things to be getting on with.

There is also the matter of security, with many people concerned about hard copies of documentation being left unattended at the sender's or recipient's fax machine. When you fax online, this is not an issue as it is sent directly to and from your device. So, another reason why people now prefer using online faxing is to protect themselves from data breaches and security issues.

The future of sending and receiving faxes

The above are some of the key reasons why traditional faxing is being killed off by modern technology. We have seen enormous improvements in all areas of technology over recent years, so it was only a matter of time before sending and receiving faxes online started to become the norm.

More and more of us are now using this method of faxing on a regular basis, which makes it clear that this is the future of sending and receiving faxes. While traditional fax machines certainly played a vital part in the world of business in the past, it seems that the time has now come to relegate them to the annals of tech history and move on to the modern method of faxing.  You can learn more about the benefits of online faxing by joining