If you need to send a fax, but you don't have a fax machine at home, you may be in a difficult situation. However, instead of searching for “where to fax near me” on the internet, you may want to learn about how to turn your Google account into a digital fax machine. With the right online fax service, you can fax from almost any device from anywhere in the world.

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Where To Fax Near Me: Use Google and Skip the Line

In the past, sending a fax when you were away from the office or if you didn't have a fax machine typically meant you would have to go stand in line at FedEx, Staples, or the UPS Store. This is not a fast way to send a fax, it can also be an expensive and time-consuming method if you need to send multiple pages to multiple people. Some stores charge over a dollar a page to send a fax.

So, what tools do you need to turn your Google account into a virtual fax machine? In addition to an active Gmail account, you will also need to find a third-party online fax vendor, a compatible smart device, documents that are ready to fax, and an internet connection.

Picking Your Online Fax Service

First things first – you will need to select an online fax service. Without registering with a digital fax vendor, you will not be able to use your Google account to send a fax since Google does not offer digital fax services directly. Fortunately, there are plenty of good options for you to pick from, whether you want a monthly subscription or a pay-by-fax plan.

Many online fax services will offer trial periods so you can explore all the features the service has to offer. Some services may even provide other tools you can use, like secure messaging or video chat.

Select Your Smart Device

One of the biggest benefits of using a virtual fax service is the ability to use any of your smart devices to send a fax. For example, you can turn your smartphone into a fax machine as long as you can access the documents you want to send from your smartphone. Otherwise, you can use your laptop or PC to send a fax, as well.

Uploading Your Documents

When you use your Google account as a virtual fax machine, you will only be able to send text documents, just like if you were using a regular fax machine. Although you can send documents that contain pictures, you will not be able to send picture-only files such as PNG or JPEG images. The files you are allowed to send with your digital fax account include Microsoft Word documents, Google Docs, and PDF documents.

Hooking Up to the Internet

Finally, you will need to ensure you have a stable internet connection before you can send your digital fax. Any internet connection will do, whether you are connected to your modem by your ethernet or by Wi-Fi. If you're traveling, you can use guest logins at local businesses to send your fax, too. Or you may have the option of using a hotspot, such as the hotspot of your vehicle.

If you need to send a fax urgently, you don't need to drop by the nearest business center or Staples store. Instead, you can send a fax from the comfort of your home when you subscribe to a virtual fax service.

Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice!