It's incredibly convenient to send a fax online with Gmail. It's faster and easier to send documents to your recipient, and there aren't many limits. So, if you're wondering if there's a limit on the number of pages you can send in a single fax, then you'll find your answer below.

What Is the Maximum Number of Pages I Can Send in a Fax Email?

When you send a fax via your Gmail account, there's no exact limit on the number of pages you can send in a single fax or even in a single document. The only limit you have to adhere to is the size limit. The total size of your combined files should be no more than 20 MB.

A digital fax of around 20 MB usually comes to around 200 pages. This should definitely be enough for most people. It's certainly a lot more than you'd be able to send if you were using a traditional fax machine to fax your documents. The email composition box will show you the exact file size of each file you upload, so keep a calculator nearby to add up all the file sizes if you're worried about going over the limit.

How Do I Send a Fax Online With Gmail?

Sending your fax via your email service provider is incredibly easy. You'll have to sign up with an online faxing service, which will give you a suffix to use. Using this suffix in your online faxes will ensure the message you're sending is sent as a fax rather than an email. So, for example, instead of sending your documents to, you'll send them to

As long as you do that, email faxing isn't that different from sending a regular email. The subject line will be used as a place to write your cover letter, and then you'll put the documents you're faxing into the email body. Don't type anything into the body of the email, though, as text in the body won't be sent.

Do I Need to Download Anything to Send Faxes Through Gmail?

You don't need to download any apps or plug-ins if you want to send your faxes through Gmail. You can send them right from your regular Gmail inbox on any device. It also works with other email service providers, such as Outlook. Your online fax service provider may also have a page on their website where you can send faxes. Some fax service providers also have an app you can use to send your faxes if you wish.

How Do I Send a Fax Through My Fax Service Provider's Website or App?

Your fax service provider will usually have a specific part of their website or app that you can send faxes from. It's generally easy, and the instructions will usually be on the screen. With most fax service providers, there'll be a specific place on the screen telling you to upload the documents you wish to fax. There may also be a space that'll give you the option to write up or attach a cover letter.

Can I Receive Faxes Through Gmail?

As long as you have a fax account with an online faxing service, then you can receive faxes right into your email inbox. You'll have to give the sender your fax number, and the sender will then use that when sending your files. The faxes you receive will generally look like regular emails, and the documents the sender has faxed will show up as attachments such as PDF files.

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