Google fax is a way to send and receive fax from your Gmail account using a third-party faxing service. It isn't the same as email because your document is delivered via analog telephone lines, just like an ordinary fax, and it isn't sent over the internet. Here are five important things to understand about email faxing.

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What Is Google Fax? 5 Things to Know

It's Cheaper Than Traditional Fax

Email fax doesn't require a fax machine or a landline in your office. All it requires is an email account such as Gmail, an internet connection, and a low-cost digital faxing service like aFax.

The net savings are large because you can get rid of all the costs associated with owning and maintaining a fax machine. You also don't need to rent a landline. These savings really add up when you have a larger company with multiple offices. This cost-efficiency is the primary reason many business owners are switching to digital faxing.

You Can Fax While Out of the Office

Traditional fax machines place a lot of unnecessary restrictions on employees and business owners. First of all, you need to be physically in the office to use the machine. You also need to wait beside it for a confirmation notice once you've sent a fax.

These days, you can send and receive faxes from anywhere. You might be on a business trip in another city, working from home for the day, or simply out to lunch. No matter where you are, you can send and receive fax with a few taps on your phone screen. This convenience factor has a wonderful impact on productivity.

You Have Increased Security 

Faxes are often used to send sensitive files and data. A fax is encrypted and sent over the Public Switched Telephone Network: an analog communication system that's more difficult to hack and intercept than online correspondence. This extra security is one reason why most government departments, including the CIA, still use fax for sensitive documents. Email fax uses the same secure analog phone networks and so is more secure than unencrypted email.

Gmail fax is also more secure than traditional fax because the fax is delivered directly to the recipient's computer or phone. You don't have a printed fax sitting on the machine for anyone in your office to read. Also, email faxes can't accidentally go missing like pieces of paper can.  

Gmail Faxes Are Easier to Store and Share 

Whenever you send or receive a faxed file, it's incredibly easy to store it securely in cloud storage services like Microsoft Office Online, Google Docs, or Dropbox. These files can then be shared with your team members, accountants, lawyers, customers, or anyone you like. All you need to do is send them a private link to the file.

In this way, all your files and documents can be organized safely, securely, and logically. Over the years, this is a far better system than the physical files, folders, and storage cabinets you previously needed to store printed faxes. You're saving office space and boosting productivity.

You Have Extra Faxing Functionality 

Gmail fax has additional functions that make your faxing easier. You can send a single fax to multiple recipients in one go. You can design more attractive and professional cover letters.

You can also schedule a fax to deliver at a specified date and time, just as you can with an email. This is especially useful when you're dealing with organizations in different time zones or countries.

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