What is a Fax Cover Sheet?

Although we now carry out many day to day tasks online because of our move into the digital age, there are still some things that many people do manually. When it comes to things such as communications, many people go online rather than contacting people in writing, in person, or by phone. This is the result of the plethora of message apps, social media sites, and email facilities.

When it comes to sending faxes, some people now use online faxing rather than going through a traditional fax machine. However, not everyone uses online faxing – some still stick to the traditional method and send their faxes by machine. If you tend to use the latter option, one of the things you need to use is a fax cover sheet. This is an important aspect of sending the fax, as it can help to avoid any confusion and ensure your fax gets to the right person.

What goes onto a fax cover sheet?

There are various different details that go onto a fax cover sheet, and these are important details that can save you a lot of time and inconvenience in the long run. You can use the fax cover sheet to advise specifically which person or department the fax is intended for. This is very useful if you are faxing a large company with many different employees and departments. It means that your fax won't end up going to the wrong person and won't be passed from team to team, which results in wasted time.

Another detail that you put on this sheet is the date you are sending the fax. So, if the person does not get the fax as soon as it comes through, they will be able to tell when it was sent when it finally does reach them. One more thing that you can put on this sheet is the number of pages you are faxing through. This can be extremely useful because often one or several sheets may not fax through properly. This means that the recipient only ends up with part of the overall document but may not realize this. However, if the front sheet advises how many pages there should be the person will know right away if there are sheets that haven't come through.

Adding your contact details

Your contact details can also be put on the front sheet that you send through. This enables the recipient to see who has sent the fax and also provides contact details in case they need to get in touch with you about the document. You can even put a brief note on the sheet advising what the fax is in relation to, which will make it easier for the person to work out what it is about rather than having to read through the whole document first.
In short, the front sheet that you send with your fax contains a range of simple yet vital details that can help to save time, inconvenience, and avoid confusion. It helps to ensure that your fax gets to the right person in a timely manner.