Has your fax machine ever run out of ink or paper just when a crucial fax was coming through? Have you ever wondered why you're paying through the nose for a landline only to serve your fax machine? Well, it's time to break free from that pesky machine with all its costs and quibbles. You can easily send and receive fax using only your computer and a Google fax number.

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Throw Out the Fax Machine! Use a Google Fax Number Instead

What Is Google Fax?

Google faxing is a method of sending and receiving faxed documents from your Gmail account. This is possible when you connect a third-party online fax service to your Gmail, which is a super-simple process using an online service like aFax.

Once your Gmail is connected, sending a fax becomes as easy as sending an ordinary email. You simply compose a new email, attach the document you want to fax, and hit “send.”

They Deliver the Fax for You

When you send, your emailed document goes to the third-party fax service, who converts it into an analog file. They send this analog file via their own landlines to the recipient's fax number. All this happens in the blink of an eye. A few seconds after you send your email, your recipient's fax machine will come to life and start printing.

Turn Fax Numbers Into Email Addresses

You might be wondering how you can enter a fax number into an email address box. You simply need to turn that fax number into an email address by adding an @-suffix on the end. For example, the suffix for aFax is @onafax.com.

Let's imagine your recipient's fax number is 555-123-4567. You add the @-suffix to create an email address, like 5551234567@onafax.com. Then you put that newly created email address into the “TO” box of your email. When you send, your email will go to aFax, which delivers it to the fax number.

Fax Multiple People With a Single Email

One nice little bonus feature of Google faxing is that you can send a single document to many fax numbers at once. Just enter the extra fax numbers into the “CC” box of your email. With a clunky old fax machine, you have to stand there for ages, sending each fax individually. This is just one way Google faxing saves you from wasting valuable time.

Setting Up Your Online Fax Number 

With aFax, you can start sending Gmail faxes today for free. If you want to receive faxes, you can get your own fax number for a trial period of seven days. This number can be either a local or toll-free number. When anyone sends a fax to your fax number, it will be received by aFax, which delivers it straight to your Gmail inbox.

Design Your Own Vanity Number

If you want to create your own personal, memorable fax number, sign up with aFax. There, you can choose a vanity number to help your employees and clients remember it more easily.

Using an Existing Fax Number

If you already have a fax number, no problem. You can add your existing number to your third-party online fax account. All your faxes will then be redirected to your Gmail.

Fax From Either Gmail or App

Many users like to send and receive fax via their Gmail account because they're so comfortable and familiar with email. Another option is to use the website or app of the third-party service provider. Both options are equally easy to operate.

Why Google Fax Outperforms Fax Machines

There are so many pros to using Google fax. Whether you fax every single day or once in a blue moon, it's worth switching over to internet faxing. Let's take a look at the four most significant benefits.

It Saves You Time

Old-school faxing takes too much time. So often, you need to put off sending or reading a fax until you're back in the office. And after sending a fax, you need to hover anxiously by the machine, hoping your confirmation notice will arrive soon.

With Gmail faxing, you can fax from the beach while on holiday if you choose. Wherever you are, you can glance at your phone to read incoming faxes. And confirmation notices are sent securely to your inbox.

It Saves You Money

The monthly cost of third-party online faxing services is usually far less than the cost of maintaining, repairing, and replacing fax machines. Not to mention the costs of renting a landline and replacing paper and ink every week.

It Saves You Space

It always feels great to remove excess equipment from your limited office space. With one less machine, you also have less wiring for people to trip over. On top of that, you need fewer stacks of replacement paper and filing cabinets to store it all in.

It Saves You From Human Error

Traditional faxing has a couple of unfortunate security risks. Whenever you receive a fax, the machine prints it out and leaves it sitting in the open for a while. During that period of time, anyone passing by can read potentially sensitive data on that printed sheet.

On occasion, these pieces of paper can accidentally go missing. Gmail faxing brings everything securely to your inbox and avoids both of these risks.

The best way to learn about Google fax is to start faxing. Send your first fax now at aFax.com. Or if you prefer, Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice!