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The same faxing options available to users of Windows 7 are available to users of Windows 8 as well. There are three methods of sending and receiving fax messages using Windows 8, and those are online fax services, connected fax machines and fax modems through the Windows 8 “Fax and Scan” function. Top 3 methods… Read More

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Windows 7 is fully equipped to deal with sending and receiving faxes, and there are several different methods that it can deal with that task. Three main methods are online fax services,  fax machines connected to the PC and using fax modem boards to turn your PC into a small faxing station. 3 Ways to send… Read More

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Windows Vista is not that different from Windows XP, as it is only a functional upgrade of the system, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that using Windows Vista for sending and receiving fax messages is very similar to using Windows XP. There are still three main methods you use, online services, using a… Read More