Send a Fax Online: The Modern Evolution of Faxing

Brief History of Faxing: From Machine to Online Alright folks, buckle up. We’re hitting the time machine and heading back to the wild old days when fax machines were the new kids on the block. Big and bulky, humming like a spaceship, and eating paper like there’s no tomorrow. But then, just like teens turning… Read More

The Coolness of Fax in This Digital Party Now, you might be thinking, “Fax? Isn’t that the ancient mummy of communication?” But hold your horses. Despite all our fancy-shmancy digital gizmos, faxing is still kind of a big deal. Seriously! Imagine this: You’re in your awesome digital spaceship, zooming through the Internet cosmos. But suddenly,… Read More

Faxing technology is old, but not outdated. There are huge benefits of this tech starting from security to ease of use, and now, with new technologies on the rise, faxing has improved. The biggest step forward is when it moved to the cloud and online faxing became much easier to handle. If you haven’t switched… Read More

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Google Fax start guide that will help you set up Gmail to send a fax online. If you made it to this page, it’s likely you already have a Gmail account. You’re in good company. More than 900 Million people use Gmail for their email provider. Gmail now lets you send faxes in the same… Read More