Speed Limiters Coming Soon?

Speed Limiters Coming Soon?

The EU is making plans to create cars that will automatically keep drivers under the speed limit. Cameras and satellites would be synced with the automatic braking system of the car to slow it down if the driver tries to go over the limit. This technology would be implemented in the latest cars, although older cars may also be required to get detecting sensors fitted.

In the UK, many officials are pushing for all cars to be outfitted with these devices. This would mean that no car would be able to go over the 70mph speed limit on UK highways. For Germany, the speed limit could possibly be lifted on sections of the Autobahn where cars can go as fast as they want.

The European Commission is expected to make this proposal sometime during autumn. This idea has several opponents however, simply because people don’t want to be forced into following the rules by their own car. Building cars that cannot speed would be the equivalent to having a miniaturized “Big Brother” with you every time you drive.

In EU nations around 30,000 people are killed in road accidents. The European Commission feels that it is necessary to implement ISA (Intelligent Speed Adaption) technology to save lives and make drivers more disciplined. They estimate that by 2020 ISA can reduce car deaths by one-third.

European countries are already famous for have some of the best road safety records in the world, but the introduction of ISA will take things to a whole new level. However, traffic experts say that ISA also includes plenty of risks. If you take away a car’s ability to get out of a dangerous situation with a quick speed burst, such as quickly overtaking another car to prevent a crash, you will increase the risk of head-on collision.

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