Paper jams are now a thing of the past. You can fax without a fax machine in a fraction of the time it takes to use a traditional machine. Plus, there's no hassle, no paper waste, and no need to scramble to find a fax machine when you urgently need to send documents while out of the office.

How Does Faxing Without a Fax Machine Work?

You fax without needing to use a fax machine by using an email account instead. Using an online fax service lets you turn your regular Gmail or Outlook inbox into a way to both send and receive faxes. Your recipients can receive your faxes via their inboxes or internet-connected fax machines.

The online fax service lets you use a unique domain which you'll add to the end of your recipient's fax number. So, instead of sending files to an email address, you'll send them to something like instead. This reroutes your message through the fax service's servers, which are more secure than regular email servers.

Do I Need a Special Plugin or App to Fax Without a Fax Machine?

You don't need a plugin or app when you want to send a fax without needing a fax machine. You can use a browser-based email service or use an emailing app on your phone or tablet. As long as you use your recipient's fax number and the domain provided by the online fax service, then you'll have no issues.

Can You Add a Fax Cover Page When Faxing Without a Machine?

You can absolutely add a cover page when you send a fax digitally. Simply write up what you want to put on your cover page, then copy and paste it into the subject line of your email. Gmail has no character limit for its subject lines. However, if you're using a different email service, then you'll have to keep the cover page within the email service's character limit. Outlook, for example, has a subject line character limit of 998.

Make sure you don't put your cover page in the body of the email, as your recipient won't see any text you place in the email body. The only thing you can place in your email body is files.

What Format Do You Use When Sending Digital Faxes?

You can send any file type that can be opened by a word processor or PDF viewer when you send a digital fax. You can also send image files. However, it's better if you send a doc or PDF file rather than multiple image files. That way, you can control the order the recipient views the files. Simply place one image per page in a PDF/doc file.

How Many Pages Can I Send at Once?

Your DOC or PDF can be up to 200 pages long. You'll also have to keep the combined size of your files under 25MB. If you need to send files bigger than that, then you'll have to do it over multiple faxes.

If you need to send multiple files in a single email, then you can do so as long as their combined total is under 200 pages and 25 MB.

Can My Fax Have More Than One Recipient?

Yes, you can send a fax to multiple recipients at once. This is similar to emailing. Just add your other recipients' fax numbers the way you'd add other email addresses if you were sending an email. You can do this on any device you're sending a digital fax from.

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