how to send a wireless fax using wifi or your cellphoneDays when we tolerated bulky machines and a whole mess of cables near and around our computers are long gone. Various tablets, smartphones, and even wireless PC peripherals have gotten us used to the convenience of having access to all of the features the new technologies bring us without having to be burdened with cable. You'll be pleased to know, that you can find Fax Machines with wireless method of connecting to the local network.
This does NOT mean that you can have a completely wireless experience – fax machines will still need to be hooked up to a fax landline, but you will be able to control and manage receiving and sending of faxes wirelessly!

Best ways to send a Wireless Fax using a local wireless network:

  • WiFi Wireless

    The most common method for both home and business users of a fax machine – Computers, tablets and smartphones with WiFi access can easily be set up with software dedicated to managing your fax messages – no matter if you're planning on using an online fax service or a physical fax device with a connection to the local network.
    Sending and receiving messages from a computer is quick and easy, and you can learn exactly how to do it here.

  • Cellular Wireless

    While there is no option for turning your phone into a regular modem for sending and receiving fax messages, modern smartphones with access to the internet can still be used for sending and receiving fax messages, or at least managing devices capable of doing so.
    Of course, using online fax services is the easiest method, but some modern fax machines allow for remote access through a smartphone by default using software that comes with the fax machine.
    Depending on a method or a fax machine model used, you may get a specialized app for managing faxes, may be using regular e-mail service or just use a web interface for handling messages.

  • Fax Machines with a Cell Connection

    While WiFi is the most common choice for fax machines that offer wireless connectivity, it's not the only option, and there are plenty of models out there that offer wireless connection without a local WiFi network.
    Connections for these fax machines are GSM and CDMA type, with GSM being commonly offered as an offer on AT&T network and CDMA being offered in Verizon operated areas. Before you get a fax machine with GMS or CDMA connectivity, check what kind of connection is available to you in your area.
    With this method of connection, the fax machine has a separate fax number and a cell number, and can be operated over the cellular connection to send and receive messages. Reception quality is a major factor when using these CDMA/GSM fax machines, as any loss of quality can lead to not properly sending or receiving fax messages.

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