smartphone-clipart-smartphoneFirst of all, you should understand that there's no way to connect a fax machine to a smartphone or a tablet as of now. Using an existing fax line as a line that is connected to a phone so it can act as a fax modem is also not possible. That is a very limiting factor that forces you to use the only remaining option for sending and receiving fax messages from a smartphone – Online Fax Services.

There are some differences when it comes to using online fax services to send messages from a PC when compared to the options you have on the smartphones and tablets. PC users have a web interface and software suites dedicated to this while mobile users may prefer using dedicated apps for sending and receiving faxes.

What do you need to send fax messages on your smartphone?

  • A smartphone or a tablet with an active internet connection – both the web browser interface services and faxing apps require internet to work.
  • A subscription to an online fax service – be advised that some online fax services require you to set up an account from a PC before activation on your smartphone.
  • A document you want to fax – PDF files are the industry standard, so you should have your fax prepared for sending in the form of a PDF document.

No matter if you're using a web browser interface or an app, you will face an user interface much similar to an e-mail inbox, with incoming and outgoing messages being marked distinctively. Some of the advanced apps allow you to print the document directly from the phone, if you have a networked printer in the vicinity, or you can just save the received fax as a document and print it once you connect your smartphone to the PC.
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One thing to bear in mind is the fact that the cost of individual fax messages is much higher if you're using this method of sending and receiving fax messages. Also, while you do not require a landline to send and receive these messages, you still use up your data plans, and depending on the transfer plan you have, it may push you over the limits of affordable wireless internet use.

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