fax from windowsYou never want to find yourself in a situation where you have to send or receive a fax immediately and you just can't because you're out of your office and out of range of a fax machine you can use.

There are options for all platforms of mobile phones, including Windows Phone and Tablet users.
Expect to spend some extra money on using these options, but that's the price of wanting to have access to all of the features of the office while being on the move.
If you just wanted to send and receive fax message from your phone while being in the office, just for the novelty of it, there's no product on the market yet that allows that sort of office integration.
In theory,  your mobile device could be turned into a remote control for you PC, allowing you to send a fax message from your PC the regular way, but that's just making a simple task of sending a fax message very complicated for no apparent reason.

Most well known faxing methods for Windows devices

  1. Method 1: Online Fax Services

    The first method of sending and receiving a fax from the Windows Phone or a tablet is using one of the available online fax services. There are plenty to be used these days, and if you find yourself needing to send a fax on the move often, this may be the more affordable option for you as they usually have a better price per fax ratios.
    Sending a fax this way pretty much resembles sending an e-mail from your mobile Windows device, as online fax services usually function through a web browser interface, they don't have an app or a program of their own. As long as your phone has a good internet connection that would allow upload or download of a file, you're good to go.
    As far as receiving documents go, you'll get an e-mail with a PDF document containing all of the fax data sent to you; you can do whatever you want with it – there are options for printing documents from a phone, or you can just mail the document to your PC for later viewing.

  2. Method 2: Windows Mobile Fax Apps

    There are several Windows Mobile apps that allow for sending and receiving documents directly from the phone, not through an internet browser interface, but through the interface that has been designed specifically for this task.
    Some of them even bring advanced integration to the printers, so you can easily print and access your received documents. You can see top 3 options here, but be advised that you will be paying for their service and that the prices are above the costs you'd incur on online fax services.
    Use them only if you are firmly set on having a fully integrated phone experience and if you don't have a need for a mobile fax service all the time:

  3. iFax – Send & Receive Faxes
    As the name suggests, this is an adaptation of an app that was originally developed for iOS but is cross-platform now. Ease of use is it's main strength, and it's very high compatibility rates for different versions of Windows Mobile platform, 8, 8.1 and Metro platforms easily deal with the demands of this app.
  4. PamFax
    PamFax is an Online Fax Service, but they have developed an app so their users can get a better experience while on Windows Phones. The mains strength of this app is the competitive price – it's more affordable than other two options on this list, so you'll get more faxes for the same cash.
    The downside comes in the form of poor customer support – there are a lot of reports of this app glitching and being unable to be used on some phones, so give it a try before you invest in one of the bundle packages it offers.
  5. Fax Pro – Fax PDF & Photos On The Go
    If the beautiful user interface is the main thing on your mind when picking an app for faxing for your Windows phone, you're in for a real treat, as Fax Pro looks stunning. It's easy to use and turns your Windows device into a mobile fax station… as long as it works.
    This app as well has had many reports of glitches and downright crashes making it unusable, but there are almost as many positive reviews, so give it a try if a pretty looking software is what you're after.
    All of these Windows platform apps are listed as free, but they're just free to install – all have some form of credits systems, and you need to buy those credits to be able to send and receive fax messages.

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