At the moment, there are no methods of connecting a handheld iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) to a fax machine and letting it interface with it.
That leaves users with only two practical options for sending and receiving fax messages from an iOS device – using online faxing services and using Apple store apps dedicated to faxing.

Method 1: Online Faxing Services

Using online faxing services is quickly becoming the most used method for both private use and corporate use, as it's quick and can be done from any platform. You may have to set up your online faxing services account and set up all the settings from a PC, but once everything is setup, you can access the service through the web interface, allowing you to send and receive fax messages using an interface pretty similar to an e-mail inbox with faxes being sent and received as attachments.

Method 2: iOS Faxing Apps


Judging by the customer reviews, iFax seems to be the very best option for app-based sending and receiving of fax messages on iOS with tiny competition.
There have been quite a few updates for the app, and it is keeping pace with the modern iterations of Apple's mobile OS, allowing you to quickly and affordably send faxes. The price is very competitive, especially when compared to some of the other online fax services.

One thing to bear in mind is that both of these methods for sending and receiving fax messages on iOS use up your WiFi data plans, so if you are on a limited plan, you may want to keep an eye out on how many faxes have you sent and received so you do not go over your monthly plan, increasing the cost greatly.

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