blackberry curve 3g

Most platforms for handheld and smart devices have at least two methods of sending and receiving fax messages, but Blackberry's only method of handling fax messages is through use of online fax services.

These services operate as digital fax machines in the virtual space, connected to the land lines by the online fax service company, so you don't need to worry about having an access to a fax line – all you need is a stable internet connection and you can get and receive fax messages in a manner very similar to e-mailing.

You can access your virtual fax machine through the web interface of your online faxing provider, and it doesn't take too much getting used to. Sending fax messages require you to have a digital copy of your document as well as a fax number you're sending to, you create a message, add a cover, attach your document and you're all done.

Receiving the files is just as easy of a process, as you get a message with a PDF of the sent fax attached – you can download that document and manipulate it at will from your smart device or from your PC, print it, do whatever you want with it.

Some things to keep in mind while using online fax services with Blackberry:

Sending and receiving faxes from your Blackberry device will be charged as data, as everything goes through the internet connection, if you're using plans with limited data than this may prove to be a very costly option for sending and receiving faxes.
Blackberry phone doesn't need to be on to receive messages, nor do you need to be connected all the time. Your faxes will be waiting for you in the online fax service inbox.
Some of the more advanced features may not be available from the Blackberry phone, but you can set those options up from a PC.

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