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While there is no direct method to send a fax message to an e-mail address, there are tricks you can use to make sure a fax reaches someone's e-mail.
The problem is a technological barrier – for all the upgrades and improvements over the years, fax messages are in the analog end signals transferred by digital means, while emails are a purely digital form of communication.

There are three methods you can use to send a fax message that will end up on receiver's e-mail address – using online fax services, using a fax machine with a “fax to an e-mail” option and emailing a scanned document from a multifunction fax machine.

Best ways to send a fax to an e-mail address

  • Method 1: Online Fax Services

    When using an online fax service, you are allowed to add multiple fax numbers and email addresses set as receivers.
    You're sending a message with a document attached, so this is not technically sending a fax message to e-mail, but sending e-mails and faxes to receivers.
    If the receiver is using an online fax service, he may have designated an e-mail for all of the received messages to be forwarded to, but you have no control over it.
    If you know that the receiver has a setup like that, you can send faxes to his fax#, and he will be getting those messages as an email?

  • Method 2: Fax Machines with “Fax to an E-mail Address” Function

    Some of the new models of fax machines do have the “fax to an e-mail” function, where you can enter an e-mail, and the fax will attempt to send mail that way.
    Again, this is a cheat of a sort, because these are the fax machines that are connected to the internet via WiFi or PC and the machine just scans the document for faxing and sends it to an e-mail.
    Alternatively, if you are a receiver, you can set up your fax machine to forward a fax directly to e-mail you set up, without even printing the document.

  • Method 3: Mailing a Scanned Document

    Multifunction fax machines with print and scan capabilities often offer a “scan and e-mail” option that you can use to send e-mails with your business documents.
    Again, this is not faxing by the definition of it, but you still get to use a fax machine to send an e-mail.

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