One of the biggest reasons why traditional faxing is still used is concerning the safety risks of virtual faxing.

Many people believe that it is not as secure as the analogue faxing or even as secure as other ways of communication via the Internet.

Well, as it turns out, virtual faxing is not nearly as fragile and vulnerable as everyone thought it might be.

If anything, it's safer than traditional faxing and even safer than conventional forms of internet communication.

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Analogue vs. digital faxing

While analogue faxing was a great thing before the Internet, its many weaknesses are ever more obvious when compared to the endless possibilities provided by the World Wide Web.

The most obvious danger of the old way of faxing is the need to never leave the machine unattended.

You can’t just leave the fax machine alone while the fax is being printed because someone could simply walk by and take the sheet of paper that was intended for you.

And what if you are not expecting the fax? Or you forgot that you were about to receive one? Your fax becomes an easy target for some old-school, analogue hacking, also known as stealing.

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Virtual Faxing vs. other means of e-communication

Is it even necessary to talk about these?

Would you rather conduct business through Skype or maybe Facebook?

Somehow it’s doubtful that they offer more protection than faxing services.

On the other hand, emails are under a constant and steady stream of hacking attacks, which means that even with the best possible protection, eventually, someone is going to crack them, hack them and steal your secrets.

Protecting the fax

In order to protect you virtual faxes, many faxing services have a bunch of security features. Some have encryption, others use confirmation emails and there are even services that offer advanced security options for additional protection.

While those are in a way reserved for the most paranoid amongst us, the standard safety features offered by the faxing services are just enough to keep your faxes safe.

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