Did you know you don't need a fax machine anymore to easily send a fax? From the ecological aspect to cutting your business spending with better practices; here are some reasons you should send a fax online.

1. Fax Online & Saves Trees

Did you know 10,000 pages are used every year in an average office This is just considering it's a standard copy paper. The National Resources Defense Council stated that only 42% of paper, accounts for the among the trees cut down each year by the industry.

Another inconvenience of the traditional fax machines is that they automatically print every incoming fax without considering if it's spam or not. It creates a lot of waste in money and supplies. By opting for online faxing, you can choose what's important to you and your business. No more worrying and spending time and money on the maintenance costs either. Sometimes, depending on the brand, a replacement part can go from $25 to $150.

2. Reduce the Use of Chemicals

Paper mills are one of the worst polluters industries. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) explains the industry releases millions of toxic chemicals into the air during the papermaking process.

A US government research found out the fax machines consumed 200 billion pages of paper each year in the United States alone. Another reason to go paperless!

3. Help the Creation of New Products

The EPA also explained that 80% of 2.25 million tons of electronics disposed of in 2007 ended up in landfills. Almost all electronics contain recyclable materials such as gold, copper, and silver. Those materials if disposed of properly can help create tomorrow's tech products. Remember to recycle your old fax machine!

4. Eliminate the Analog Fax Line

By eliminating a fax landline you could save energy. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory explained that landlines use 5x more energy than the ones consumed by cellphones.

If you get rid of your old fax machine, you won't need to stress about the paper, ink running low or having to be in the office. You could work on the go because you can send, receive and manage all your Fax online via email.

5. Simplify Business Tasks and Ease of Record-Keeping

If you get rid of the spacious fax machine, you would save a lot of space. Another way to simplify your tasks is saving time by signing faxes directly from your smartphone. The traditional paper faxes take up too much storage space. Nowadays, the eFax app affirms that you could send or find an old fax stored in the Cloud saving time, money and storage.

There is little to no struggle now that you can track all your inbound and outbound faxes online. You won't fight the ‘swallowing' or paper getting stuck in the fax machine. No more manual organizing either!

Sending a fax online is by far more secure than the traditional fax machine. Mainly because you won't be leaving sensitive data for anyone to grab or exploit but also because the faxing online content is encrypted and store in the Cloud.