Windows Vista is not that different from Windows XP, as it is only a functional upgrade of the system, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that using Windows Vista for sending and receiving fax messages is very similar to using Windows XP. There are still three main methods you use, online services, using a fax machine and using a fax modem.

Online Fax Services

This method of sending and receiving faxes has been getting more and more popular over the last few years, and Vista is a decent operating system for sending and receiving faxes. As long as you have a browser and an internet connection, you're good to go. There are differences between online fax service providers, but all of them will offer their basic functionality of sending and receiving fax messages through their virtual fax machines if you are using Windows.

Other than an internet connection, sending and receiving fax messages using online fax services requires you to have some money on your bank account – most services offer bulk fax credits that allow you to send 10 faxes, 50 faxes, 100 faxes or more. This method may be more expensive than regular faxing, but it's a great solution for small offices that are trying to save space and for situations where it's not easy to get a fax land line to the office.

Windows Vista and Fax Machines/Multifunction printers

As far as drivers go, Windows Vista is not the best-supported Windows out there (even comparing the Windows XP, which is no longer supported by the Microsoft corporation), but still, most modern fax machines will be quite ok if you're using Vista. Some older models and some obscure manufacturers may have issues with compatibility, but they too will offer at the very least basic compatibility.

If you know how to use a fax machine, once you connect it to the Windows Vista running PC you'll be good to go with just a few clicks.

Using Fax Modems with Windows Vista

Here's the first major difference fromĀ faxing in Windows XP – Vista comes with all of the fax protocols already preinstalled, and setting up and using a fax modem is pretty much the same as using a fax modem in Windows 7.

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