The same faxing options available to users of Windows 7 are available to users of Windows 8 as well. There are three methods of sending and receiving fax messages using Windows 8, and those are online fax services, connected fax machines and fax modems through the Windows 8 “Fax and Scan” function.

Top 3 methods to send a fax using Windows 8

  1. Online Fax Services

    Online fax services offer all of the functionality of sending and receiving fax messages without having to own a fax machine or to move away from your computer. The very best thing about using online fax services to send and receive messages is the fact that it's completely multi-platform – as long as you have an internet connection and a browser, you have access to the basic functionality at the very least. Of course, some of the software suites developed by online faxing companies require full installation to give access to all features, and Windows 8 is one of the most supported platforms.

  2. Connected Fax Machines/Multifunction printers

    Driver support for fax devices is great for Windows 8, and you should have no issues at all connecting the fax machine, installing the software suite that comes with the fax machine and getting the whole system up and running. Of course, like with every fax machine you will need a landline to connect to your fax machine so everything works, even wireless fax modems use a wireless connection to connect to the local network for the purpose of remote control, not for the purpose of sending and receiving faxes.

  3. Fax Modem

    Fax modems or modem boards turn your PC into a fax sender/receiver without having to have a fax machine connected. This is a method that has been falling in popularity with the onset of online faxing services, but there are still fax modems to be found, and your Windows 8 is perfectly set up to deal with them. There is a Windows Scan and Fax utility on the toolbar that allows you to configure things like cover page and additional details, letting you send and receive faxes using a standard Windows interface.

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