Windows 7 is fully equipped to deal with sending and receiving faxes, and there are several different methods that it can deal with that task. Three main methods are online fax servicesfax machines connected to the PC and using fax modem boards to turn your PC into a small faxing station.

3 Ways to send a fax using Windows 7

  1. Online Fax Services

    There are online fax services offering you the use of virtual fax machines for the purpose of sending and receiving fax messages available, and all of them are supported by Windows 7, for both their core functionality and their advanced features. The main benefit of using these services is the fact that you do not need to have a landline connected to your PC or a fax machine, as long as you have an internet connection you're good to go.
    All online fax services can be accessed through a web interface, while some allow for the use of installed suites that offer stand-alone functionality. You can send and receive faxes in pretty much the same way you'd be using an e-mail with one of these services.

  2. Windows 7 and Fax Machine/Multifunction printers

    The box for your fax machine or multi-function printer should have a sticker saying that it is Windows 7 compatible – there are very few devices that don't work with Windows 7. Connecting your fax machine to the PC allows you to send documents without having to have them printed, and to receive documents directly as a scanned PDF document. You still have the option of printing everything, if you want to have a physical copy. These fax machines require a landline and need you to set them up properly so they save the received faxes while the PC is turned off.

  3. Using Fax Modems with Windows 7

    Older iterations of Windows required you to install fax protocols separately, but those protocols are now  a standard part of Windows 7 and allow you to start immediately sending and receiving fax documents using internal or external fax modems.
    You can access the settings of your fax machine through Tools > Fax Accounts option of your start menu. You can add your fax modem to the list of modems there, and configure all of the additional settings as if you were setting up a fax machine – number of rings before the pickup, cover page, TSID and CSID info, everything.
    Sending a new fax is done using Windows Fax and Scan application, found on the toolbar. It will guide you through a basic setup process the first time you try to send a fax, after that it will let you change those settings but will use them as a default setting.

One thing to remember is that using fax modems means you will NOT be able to receive fax messages while your PC is off, these calls will be missed! Also, you will not be able to set up your Windows 7 fax connection with a VoIP line; these technologies are not compatible – read more on that here.

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