Brief Rundown of Options for Faxing

You have an urgent fax to send, but the receiver is not quite sure how to receive a fax message? Here are the simplest options for you if you need to get in touch with someone.

Note: Some of these options are much less private than others. Consider the context of your fax before picking the receiver.

Faxing to an e-mail

Using PC to send/receive fax messages

If you've got access to a PC that can send and receive fax messages (more in-depth guide on faxing from the computer here) you've got even more options than with modern fax machines. You can either use fax software to send a regular fax to the receiver, or you can use online faxing services to make sure your fax message arrives as a PDF attachment to someone's e-mail.

A method for sending differentiates depending on the OS you use, Windows and Linux are most common options, and both specific fax software to make things easier for you.

FedEx Stores / UPS / Print & Coup Stores / Pilot Travel Stops / Kinkos

These locations often have faxes that can be used privately by individuals, often for free, or for a negligible fee. Check out google maps for the nearest location and you can often call ahead to check if their fax machine is working and if it's available for use. Just give your receiver the address and have him contact you once he's on site, so your fax doesn't end in someone else's hands.

Hotels, Hostels & Travel Bureaus

Hotels and Hostels often have fax machines available for use for their guests, but most are willing to let you use their fax machine to receive a fax if you ask nicely.

Libraries, Convenience Stores

If you can't find a standard commercial location to send a fax to, you can try out the local library or even convenience stores – even small businesses have fax machines and most are willing to extend a helping hand. Be aware that this option doesn't offer much in the field of privacy.

Friends and Family

In the end, if you're dealing with someone who is not tech-savvy enough to make do with receiving a fax via e-mail that he has to print, or if he can't manage to navigate his way to a commercial location to receive a fax at, you can always point them to a closer friend or family member that can handle printing an e-mail document.

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