canada fax numberCanada, being connected to the US, has excellent access to the modern technologies, especially communication technologies. However, there are always little things that companies in Canada need to do to be the most attractive service providers in the area – tech support in French, the ability to pay in local currency and the capacity to provide you with a local fax number being the most desirable ones when it comes to online fax services. Here's a brief overview of the most popular online fax services and how they hold up if you are using them in Canada.

Most popular Online Fax Services in Canada.

ring centralRingCentral

RingCentral is reliably good in Canada, offering all of the services with all of the features they offer in the USA. You will be able to pay in Canadian dollars, but it does have one drawback – it doesn't have French language support.

efax logo canadaeFax

eFax looks like the best choice to go for, as it does everything right, there's a 24h tech support in the French language, you can get local numbers and toll-free numbers, and everything works like clockwork. Slightly higher price tag they place on their services is well deserved.


Initially we thought MyFax does not offer French support because setting “Canada” as a country and logging on to support gave English support only, but you can set your country as “France” and get French support. The support is active 24h and can help you with any issue. All of the features and options available in the USA are available in the Canada as well.

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