Many in the business world are getting tired of bulky, unreliable fax machines hogging their valuable office space. And the fact is that it's no longer necessary to own a fax machine to send and receive faxes. Gmail faxing has become as convenient and simple as sending an email. Let's take a look at how you can send a fax from Gmail in the next few minutes if you choose, and why it's so much better than using a machine.

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How Faxes Are Delivered

You might be wondering how you can send a fax from your computer without a landline. Faxes travel over telephone lines, not the internet, don't they?

Faxes do travel over the Public Switched Telephone Network. When faxed, a document is encoded into a binary format and delivered via the nation's telephone lines in a collection of little beeps and other noises. At the other end, your recipient's fax machine converts those beeps back into a readable format.

How Gmail Fax Works

A fax sent from your Gmail is delivered in exactly the same way. But this time, you're not using your own landline. Instead, you're using the landlines of a fax service provider, such as aFax.

You compose your fax in Gmail, just like an ordinary email. You attach your document as a PDF and enter your receiver's fax number. When you send it, the fax provider receives that document and converts it into binary format. They then deliver your document as a fax to the receiving fax machine. The whole process can take less than a minute, just like sending an email.

4 Reasons To Throw Out Your Machine

The global market for fax machines has fallen to one billion dollars today, whereas the market for online faxing has reached two billion dollars and is growing fast. This steady global switch from faxing via computer instead of a machine is based on the huge advantages of online faxing.

Your Costs Are Reduced

With a fax machine, you need to pay machine repair and replacement costs. You also have the monthly costs of landline rental. With so many businesses using VoIP services for their telephones these days, the fax machine is often the last reason to cling to pricey landlines.

The cost of printing all those faxes also goes away, reducing your monthly ink and paper expenditure. With online faxing, you don't need to print any documents and everything can be stored digitally on secure cloud services like Dropbox and Google Docs. This saves you the cost of storing so many printed pieces of paper, too, which can really add up over time.

You Have More Office Space

Less need for physical storage space means fewer filing cabinets and more office space for other things. The fax machine and all its wiring are also gone, giving you a little more desk space.

You Can Store and Share More Easily

Digital document storage is far more efficient than physical storage. It's easier to catalog files, and you can share them simply by sending a coworker a secure link.

Digital storage is more secure as well. With physical storage, pieces of paper tend to go missing and ink can degrade over time.

You Can Fax From Anywhere

No more do you need to wait until you're in the office to use fax. You can now send or receive fax on your phone while traveling on a business trip, while working remotely, or while eating breakfast in the morning. This is perhaps the greatest advantage of Gmail faxing.
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