If you've ever spent time driving around trying to find a copy shop with a fax machine or struggling to use your uncle's fax machine to send a necessary fax, we've got news for you. Not only is it possible to fax without a fax machine, but it's also actually easier! While fax machines themselves haven't changed much, digital technology has made faxing easier for all of us than ever – so why not take advantage of it?

Newsflash: It's Actually Easier to Send a Fax Without a Fax Machine

How Do Fax Machines Work?

A traditional fax machine can be thought of as a printer or scanner combined with a landline phone. The machine converts an optical image of a document (usually produced with its own built-in scanner) into sound waves and sends them over the phone lines to the recipient fax machine. The receiving fax machine then converts the sound waves back into pixels and prints the resulting image with ink, usually using a built-in printer.

For most of us who don't fax much, fax machines are big, clunky pieces of analog technology. Not only are they expensive, but the time required for set up, not to mention the learning curve, isn't worth it for most people who only need to send a fax at most a few times a year. And that's why you're probably here looking for an alternative, more convenient solution.

Faxing Without a Fax Machine: Is It Possible?

The good news is that in the days of apps and smartphones, you no longer need to own a fax machine to send a fax. There are many apps and services on the market that bridge the gap between the digital world and the fax world and allow you to send a fax electronically using their commercial fax machines as the in-between.

So it's a two-step process. First, the document is sent as an electronic PDF document to the faxing service's center. Then, it's downloaded offline and sent to the recipient using the service's fax machines. The receiving fax machine then receives it as it would any other fax; no way to tell that it was just sent with a few clicks on a smartphone.

How Do I Send a Digital Fax So Easily?

All you need to send a digital fax is an internet-connected device like a laptop or smartphone, and an account with a digital faxing service such as aFax. The latter can be set up in a matter of minutes, or even seconds if you register using your Google or Apple account to save time. Then, simply follow the steps in the faxing service's online portal to upload the document and send it electronically as a fax. Boom, that easy!

Alternatively, once you've created an account with the faxing service, you can also send a fax just like an email. Yes, you read that correctly! It's no more difficult than sending an email. With aFax, you simply compose an email with the document attached as a PDF and send it to the recipient fax number, followed by @onafax.com. For example, if you're faxing to the number 1234567, you would email 1234567@onafax.com.
With services like aFax, it's really so easy to send a fax electronically that any smartphone user can do it about as quickly as sending an email. The process is so easy that it can be done in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Next time you need to send a fax, head over to aFax.com and get your fax sent in less time than it just took you to read our guide!