Setting Cloud Security Free

It is no doubt cloud adoption has hit a tipping point, yet the security needed to protect it has stagnated. Security can no longer rely on experts, who are in short supply, or manual processes, which are unable to keep pace – it needs to be native to the cloud.

Luckily, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) provisioning practices are becoming prevalent, opening up a whole new way to architect security. ‍

We took these convergent forces and harnessed the power of the developer community to deliver security in a way that is simple, automated, and distributed.

Delivering codified cloud security as a service

We develop and deliver security as code, so anyone, anywhere can deploy the defenses needed to protect their cloud infrastructure. We believe security should be simple and ubiquitous. It should be something that everyone,everywhere can deploy, manage and use to mitigate the risks and address the threats they are facing.


Idan Tendler

CEO & Co-founder

A serial entrepreneur based in San Francisco, Idan leveraged his experience serving in the IDF’s elite Intelligence & Cyber Unit to found a expanding portfolio of successful businesses; from Israel's leading defence integrator, to Fortscale Security, a company aquired by RSA Security in 2018.

Barak Schoster

Co-founder, CTO & VP R&D

A tech-leader and open-source expert based in Tel Aviv, Barak’s passion for software began at the age of 14. Starting with a BSc in Computer Science and MBA in IT, he went on to serve as head of big data engineering at the IDF C4I & Cyber Security Directorate before making his mark at Fortscale and RSA Security.

Guy Eisenkot

Co-founder and VP Product Management

An experienced and passionate product manager based in Tel Aviv, Guy retired as an IDF Major to take his proven leadership skills into the wider cyber security space - heading up products at both Fortscale and RSA Security.

Investors and Advisors

We’re lucky to be backed by a talented group of people that believe in our mission.

David Hannigan

Head of Security Spotify

David Hannigan

Head of Security Spotify

David Hannigan

Head of Security Spotify

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