Need to send a fax in a hurry but don't have quick access to a fax machine at home? It might be time to learn how to send a fax with your email account. This is a quick, cheap, and easy method that will allow you to turn any of your smart devices into an on-demand fax machine at the click of a button.

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Need to Send a Fax Quickly? Just Use Your Email

If you want to send a fax quickly using only your email, you will simply need to register with a digital fax service provider. There are several providers that offer free trial periods so you can explore the benefits of the fax software, which may also include other communication tools such as video chat or secure messaging.

Using your email to send a fax is much better than simply sending documents as an email attachment. For example, while ordinary email is more vulnerable to cyber attacks such as viruses, hacking, and malware, the end-to-end encryption afforded by a digital fax service will keep all of your data private and secure.

How to Send a Fax With Email

First things first – you will need to register your email account with your chosen digital fax service provider. You can use your everyday email, your work-assigned email, or an email account you have created specifically for online faxing. It may be necessary to have a Gmail account rather than another email account, depending on your fax service provider.

Once you have registered your email account with your fax service vendor, you will receive a digital fax number that will work similarly to a landline. With this digital fax number, your email becomes a virtual fax machine that you can easily use to send multiple documents to multiple recipients. Other steps for sending a virtual fax include:

Attach Desired Documents

You can attach almost any text-based document to your online fax form. Google Docs, Microsoft Word documents, spreadsheets, and files that have been converted into PDF documents can all be attached to your email fax. Some online fax services may automatically convert your documents into PDF format for cleaner transmission to receptive fax machines.

You may also have a limit of 10 individual documents per fax transmission, or your documents may not be larger than 20MB. If your documents are too large, your online fax service will alert you and you will need to break your documents into smaller parts.

Input Recipient Fax Number(s)

Next, you will need to input the recipient's fax number. With digital fax, you can send the same document to multiple people with a single fax transmission. You can import fax numbers from your contact list or you can input fax numbers individually. The fax numbers you use can be associated with another digital fax account or a physical fax machine.

Send and Receive Confirmation

Finally, you will send your digital fax the same way you would send an email. However, your online fax service may provide you with a confirmation email once your fax has been sent. You should save the confirmation email just in case you need it later on.

Sending a fax may be somewhat rare in the modern era, but there are times when you will need to securely send documents. Fax is a preferred method because it is more secure than sending an ordinary email. Digital fax provides you with more convenience to send faxes to multiple parties.

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