Faxing is far from obsolete. A great many organizations still use fax and value it for its familiarity and perceived security. But there's no longer any need to invest in a fax machine to send faxes. You can quickly and easily learn how to fax from a computer directly to someone's fax machine, wherever they are in the world.

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Need to Fax a Document? Learn How to Fax From a Computer and Ditch the Worry

Welcome to Email Faxing

Sending a fax via email is as easy as one, two, three. All you need to do is sign up with a good digital fax provider, which will often offer a free trial. You can then enter your recipient's fax number, type out a brief message, and attach your document.

When you send that message, your digital fax provider converts it from digital data into analog data. The message is then delivered instantly over analog phone lines to the recipient's fax machine. If the recipient needs to sign and send you a fax in return, you'll receive their document in digital form in your inbox. Your whole experience of the process is just like email, and just as easy.

If You Can Email, You Can Email Fax

As described above, you can use your email fax provider's app to send and receive faxes. Or if you prefer, you can send a fax directly from a regular email service, such as Gmail.

To do this, compose an email, as usual, then append a certain email address suffix to the end of the recipient's fax number. RingCentral uses the suffix @rcfax.com, for example. So if the fax number is 886361678, you send your email to 886361678@rcfax.com. This will be delivered promptly to their fax machine.

Taking the Stress Out of Faxing

The relatively new concept of email faxing might appear strange and complicated to some. But it's actually far simpler, easier, and cheaper than traditional fax. After giving it a try, many business owners find that email faxing takes a good deal of stress out of their daily business lives for the following reasons.

You're No Longer Slave to the Machine

The fax machine ties you down to one location. If you're out of the office when a client urgently needs a faxed document signed, then you have to rush to your office or find another machine. With email faxing, you can do everything on your computer or phone. And if you need to print and sign a document, it's far easier to find a printer than a fax machine.

With a traditional fax machine, it also needs to be in good working order all the time. And we all know these machines have a habit of breaking down at critical moments. You need to keep it stocked up with paper and ink as well. All of this is an unnecessary headache.

You Save on Monthly Costs

Without the frequent repair or replacement costs of fax machines, you're saving a good deal of money over time. With today's smartphones and VoIP technology, many companies only keep a landline for the sake of their fax machine. So dropping the machine means no more monthly landline costs either. Not to mention the money you save on paper and ink.

You Store and Share Documents More Easily

Over time, fax machines create stacks of printed pieces of paper. When you start sending, receiving, and storing faxes digitally, you have less clutter and fewer filing cabinets around the office. This does wonderful things for your peace of mind and productivity.

Digital files are also far easier to store and share. You can use cloud storage services like Microsoft Office Online, Google Docs, or Dropbox, which integrate seamlessly with most email fax services.

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