If you’ve ever lived or breathed, you are probably familiar with the concept of junk mail.

Whether it’s in a written paper form or in a digital form, you are likely to have encountered junk mail. Other than being a huge pain in the posterior, junk mail presents no significant threat for an average person. And no, your mailbox being overflown with worthless paper does not count as a threat.

junk faxing its a problem

However, some genius out there had to come up with the idea of sending junk faxes and that’s when things got tricky.

This practice became popular with the raise of fax machine popularity and it’s been flagged as controversial ever since.

On one hand, the person advertising their products can see an effective way of doing so via fax. You can get the same effect as door-to-door junk mail or email, with just a margin of effort.

On the other hand, the person being attacked by this kind of marketing has to deal with the cost of providing the paper and ink for printing an advert someone else sent.

On top of that, back in the day when you had to use a facsimile, the line was busy while receiving a fax, which meant that you could be missing on something much more important.

junk faxing receiver

Precisely because of this, junk faxing is punishable in some countries.

However, with the introduction of virtual faxing, the cost of receiving faxes is virtually nonexistent while the lines can’t get busy.

Also, you can specifically ask to be removed from the public fax phone listing by your faxing service provider.

However, this will not affect the companies that already have your number, but there is still an option of blocking a number that is bothering you in any way.

This will leave you reasonably protected from junk faxes, and if you still experience problems with them you can still file a lawsuit in consultation with a lawyer.

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