Tim Cook, the chief executive of Apple company was being enquired about the potential plans of his company back in May this month and he gave a hint that the ‘wrist’ seems like an interesting option. Apart from Apple, Samsung is also coming up with a smart watch called ‘Galaxy Gear’, which is to be launched next week. The sale of smart watches is expected to soar in the near future, thus, possibly slowing down the sales of tablets.

In case of Apple, there are rumors doing rounds that iWatch is going to be hitting the markets really soon. According to a report of New York Times, it is most likely to be a device constructed from curved glass. This watch is said to be a device that can coordinate and facilitate the activities of electronic devices and computers used commonly. iWatch is anticipated to be a 38m unit manufactured next year by local Taiwanese companies with whom Apple has collaborations.

In case of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, it is going to be a health tracker complete with a camera, as per the reports of VentureBeat. Because of this teaser, people have the idea that the watch is going to be a health device in the lines of the ones by Fitbit, Nike, Jawbone, etc rather than an alternative for smartphone.

In case of Google, the acquisition of WIMM Labs is conceived as good news for future smart watches from this company. WIMM Labs has already manufactured its own standalone smart watch, but thanks to the collaboration, things would reach a new level altogether!

Microsoft and smart watches aren’t really a new combination, the first watch of Microsoft was launched back in the year 2004, i.e. SPOT watch. Although this didn’t really work out and was out of the picture by 2008, Microsoft isn’t giving up. Recently it has announced to the Wall Street Journal that it is in the process of looking for companies ready to source components for creating a prototype for smart watch with a good 1.5 inch display.

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