The fax machine is making a comeback. Faxing is secure, user-friendly, and better suited to some work environments than other computer-based communications. Locating a fax machine has become a thing of the past; you can now send a fax from Gmail. All you need is an online fax service provider and a Gmail account.

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Skip the Fax Machine and Send a Fax From Gmail

The first step in sending instantaneous faxes from your Gmail account is to choose a reliable fax servicer that supports fax by email. An excellent way to vet an internet fax service is to check their customer reviews and their ratings with the BBB.

Set Up for Success

If you are ready to set your business up for fax from Gmail, there are a few steps you need to know.

  1. Designate an email for your faxes.
  2. Create a new email message within Gmail.
  3. Enter the recipient's fax number followed by your fax provider's domain.
  4. Attach the documents for your fax.
  5. Type your desired content into the message area to create your cover page. 
  6. Press send, and your fax will be transmitted immediately.

Benefits of Faxing From Gmail

Faxing from your email takes just seconds. However, there are many additional benefits to choosing a fax servicer and sending faxes from your email. We will focus on three – portability, cost, and hardware.


We live in an age where the portability of a business can determine its success. Internet fax allows you to access your fax messages from anywhere you have an internet connection. Traditional faxes require you to locate a fax machine and a telephone line. Faxing via Gmail is quick and easily accessed from your computer or mobile phone.


Traditional faxing can get expensive quickly. On the other hand, faxing through email is relatively cheap. This doesn't mean that it is free. You aren't going to find an app that lets your send unlimited faxes for free. Some services will allow you to fax a handful of pages for free, but if you need to fax regularly, know that you will get what you pay for.

However, faxing via Gmail is very reasonable. Your Gmail account is free, and if you choose an online fax provider with a fair rate, you will send and receive faxes for far less than the traditional route will allow. Additionally, some fax providers will allow you to use their services free during a trial period before you sign up.


One of the highest costs for traditional faxing is the fax machine itself, which can run you anywhere from $150 – $2,000 for its initial purchase cost. You cut out a large, expensive piece of hardware when you send faxes via your Gmail account. Losing the bulky fax machine saves you space and reduces repair and maintenance costs.

Even if you decide to forgo purchasing your own traditional fax machine, you are left searching all over town to find a business with an available machine you can pay to use. The best part about using your Gmail to fax is that most people already own the hardware they need, for example, a smartphone, computer, or tablet. No extra hardware purchases are required.

Choosing a trustworthy fax service that allows you to send faxes via Gmail takes a fraction of the time, money, and effort traditional faxing takes. It also ensures that your documents are secure. So if you are ready to take your business to the next level, test drive our #1 recommended choice!