By now we’ve all figured out that faxing is not just a thing of the past, a relic gasping for its last breath. It still plays a huge role in the lives of many people, but with the new era of technology, a new era of faxing had to come.

Fortunately, virtual faxing has done great to fill the void that would come with the disappearing of fax machines, not that we would miss those bulky, noisy little menaces.

man writing on a piece of paper in the office

Virtual faxing, although similar to traditional faxing in many ways, has completely transformed the way faxes are being sent and received.

It has revolutionized communication via fax and in a way it has contributed to many improvements regarding working in an office and cooperating with people from different cities, countries and even continents.

With virtually no additional hardware or software, internet faxing has dramatically decreased the cost of sending and receiving faxes.

There is no need for fax machines, there is no need for daily batch of paper being consumed by an insatiable device that covers a half your desk, there is no expensive ink being used up by the very same gadget and there is no additional charge whether you send your fax to the next room or to the next time zone.

a business man sending an online fax

Say hello to a pretty respectable amount of resources that will be saved up and possibly even invested in something more important and vital for the business.

Increase your employees’ wage, buy a PS4 for the lounge area or simply start buying more high-quality soap for the bathroom.

It will do wonders for the moral of your personnel.

Also, internet faxing is much easier, faster and efficient than sending an analogue fax.

It saves your time, it spares you from dealing with paper jams and all your faxes are automatically stored, organized and saved for easy access.

Now go and spend the time you saved on something smart like making more money or scrolling Facebook.

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