The days of bulky fax machines and expensive landlines are coming to an end. Over recent years, it has become incredibly easy to send fax from a computer. Even your smartphone can become your very own portable fax machine. All you need is an internet connection and a good email fax service provider.

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How to Use Your Computer as a Fax Machine

Converting Fax to Digital Format

Faxes aren't digital. In fact, they're analog. When one machine sends a fax to another across the country, it delivers the fax over analog telephone lines. This is one reason why faxes are considered to be more secure than unencrypted digital email.

When you sign up with a faxing service like aFax, that service converts your digital document into analog format. It then sends the document over its own telephone landline to the recipient's fax machine.

Get Your Very Own Fax Number

Email fax services can also provide you with your own fax number, which can be a local, vanity, or toll-free number. When someone sends you a fax to that number, aFax converts the incoming analog fax into digital format, which you can receive and read on your computer or phone.

Two Ways to Send Fax From Computer

Once you've chosen an email fax service, there are two ways to send and receive faxes. Both are equally effective and convenient.

Use the App

aFax has a very elegant and easy-to-use app, which you can use on your phone or your computer's desktop. With this app, you can send or receive faxes to your heart's content, just like an ordinary fax machine.

Use Your Email

You can also connect the service provider to your preferred email address. Then you can send and receive faxes directly in your email, just like sending and receiving ordinary emails.

All you need to do is add the suffix to the end of your recipient's fax number. For example, the fax number 8868569237 becomes This makes sure the document is sent from your email to aFax, where it's instantly converted into a proper fax and delivered to your recipient's machine.

The Benefits of Computer Faxing

There are so many advantages to faxing from your computer. You never need to invest in a fax machine again. Likewise, you no longer need to rent a landline. You can also fax instantly from anywhere, whether you're traveling, working from home, or simply out of the office for lunch.

Because all your faxes are being converted into digital format, you can easily store them on a secure cloud storage service like Google Docs or Dropbox. This saves the need for so much filing cabinet space in your office. It also makes it very easy to share your documents with coworkers, clients, or anyone else. Computer faxing is also more flexible, allowing you to fax multiple recipients at once or schedule your fax delivery for a specified date and time.

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