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If you find yourself having to send or receive an occasional fax message, you've probably found yourself searching for a free fax number. Nextiva is one of the number one choices for users in the western hemisphere, and here you’ll learn how to set up a Nextiva free fax number and how to get yourself all set up.

Step by step guide to set up Nextiva free fax number

Step 1: Make a Free Trial Account

Nextiva free fax account gives you access to the faxing functionality through vFax only through the personal account, so you will need to set one up for yourself. The 30-day free trial option is a great start, just be aware that it is, after all, a trial – after initial thirty days, they will start charging you for the service unless you cancel the subscription.

This also means that you will have to provide your credit card information before you get your account set up.

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Their standard offer includes annual subscription with 500 pages yearly. If you consider the price for the ink, faxing land line and for the fax machine, you can see why online faxing services are getting more and more popular.

Step 2: Set Up the Nextiva Free Fax Number

This step is taken during the free trial account creation, and changing the number afterward is a process that includes getting in touch with their customer support. You get to choose a state and a zip code for your free fax number and to select a number from a range of numbers they have free.

The numbers are generic, and adding custom numbers also involves a chat with customer support, but if you want to send or receive an occasional fax, a generic number will do quite fine.

Step 3: Login to your vFax account

To make sure you completed every step successfully, you should login to your vFax online application and check if everything is set-up properly. On this screen, you can see your full fax number and set up additional options, such as notification settings, cover page, company and sender info.

Here you can also find the archive of all of the sent and received fax messages.

They even made the effort of making a short video that showcases basic vFax functionality:

One of the options they have is turning your fax number into a toll-free number, but, again, that requires a chat with customer support. Still, it’s a good thing to see that Nextiva offers choice.

Also, you should be aware that Nextiva does not have international faxing, you will be able to send and receive faxes in the USA.

After all of these steps, you should have your free fax number all set up and ready to use.

Despite Nextiva being so easy to set up, we actually do not recommend it, we strongly suggest trying out RingCentral instead since they provide a much more stable service.