Do you want to send a fax using Google fax for the first time? If the process seems complicated, don't worry, it's easier than you think. In this article, we'll lay out how to send your very first Gmail fax in a few simple, straightforward steps. Then, we'll look at six key benefits of sending a fax from your email.

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How to Send Your Very First Google Fax

Choose a Third-Party Email Fax Service 

To send email fax, you first need to use a good ermail fax service provider, such as aFax. These services will turn your digital email document into an analog format and deliver it over telephone lines to the recipient's fax machine.

The simplest and easiest of these providers to use is aFax. You can send a fax using aFax in under two minutes for free if the document has no more than five pages.

Connect Your Gmail Account

At the website, select “send a fax now.” You'll then be asked to connect your Gmail account. This is a simple one-click process that asks you to enter your preferred Gmail address and password. After that, you're ready to send your first email fax.

Enter Your Recipient's Details

Type in your recipient's fax number and name. With aFax, you can send a free Gmail fax to any US fax number. If you'd like to fax an organization in another country, such as Japan or Germany, you'll need to use an alternative email fax service.

Fill Out the Cover Letter 

Write a subject line for your cover letter; then, type whatever you'd like to say in the body of your fax's cover letter. This will be printed as the first page of your fax at the other end.

Attach Your File

Next, you'll be asked to attach the document you want to fax. Simply upload it from your computer or phone.

Register a Fax Number (Optional Step)

On the following page, you're given the option of registering your own landline number in order to receive faxes. You can choose a toll-free number or a local number. If you already have a fax number, or you only want to send a fax at the moment, skip this step.

Confirm Fax Details and Send

The final step gives you a chance to double-check your cover letter and fax details. Once you're sure everything is correct, click “send.” Your recipient will receive your fax instantly.

How to Send a Fax From Your Gmail Account

If you'd rather send a fax from your Gmail account, the process is just as straightforward. If you're very accustomed to using Gmail, you might find it easier.

Once you've connected aFax to your Gmail account, you simply need to compose a new email in Gmail. Enter your recipient's fax number followed by the suffix in the email's “TO” box. So if the recipient's fax number was 1223334444, you would type in:

Compose Your Cover Letter

When you're sending an email fax, your email subject line and message will become the subject and message printed on the cover letter. Write whatever explanatory or introductory message you need to say.

Attach Your File and Send

You simply need to add your file to the email as a usual attachment. Then hit “send,” and your email will be delivered instantly as a fax. You'll also receive a confirmation message in your Gmail inbox when the fax is delivered successfully. That's how simple it is to send your first fax via email.

6 Benefits of Using Gmail Fax

Many businesses still insist upon receiving important files via fax, especially organizations in healthcare, finance, and law. But not everyone has a fax machine, and we live in a digital age where the most common and convenient form of business communication is email.

So, it makes perfect sense to send faxes via email. And there are many additional benefits. Here are six ways using email fax can improve your business:


Fax is still largely considered more secure than digital file transfers. Even when initiated from your email, a faxed file is sent over the encrypted Public Switched Telephone Network. This makes it harder to intercept than most files sent digitally.

Because of this perceived security, when someone receives a fax, the source is verifiable. This is why most government agencies, including the CIA, still rely heavily on fax for important documents.

Cost Efficiency

Gmail faxing is far faster and cheaper than traditional faxing. It doesn't require costly investment in bulky fax machines, landlines, paper, or ink. As a result, your business saves time, money, and office space.


Email faxing is more convenient and flexible than traditional faxing in various ways. With Gmail faxing, you can send and receive faxes on your phone while you're out of the office. You can also schedule a fax to send at a specific time and date, perhaps when you know your customer will be in the office.

You can send a fax to multiple recipients in one go just by adding their fax numbers to the “CC” box of your Gmail message. And for all the faxes you send or receive, you can store them digitally in Google Docs, Dropbox, or anywhere else on your phone or desktop. This makes it easier to share files as well.

Confirmation of Receipt

For many, the greatest benefit of fax is peace of mind when you know your document has been received at the other end. Faxing provides you with an automatic confirmation page when the recipient has received the message. This isn't something that email alone can provide, but Gmail faxing does.


With the digital flexibility of email, you can ensure that your faxes look elegant and professional. No image quality is lost as sometimes happens with a traditional fax when you fax an already printed page. With Gmail, you can design a custom cover page that goes out with every fax you send and looks fantastic.


Opting for email fax means you use less paper day by day. For many business owners, this is another compelling reason to switch from physical fax machines to digital faxing.

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