Send fax from Gmail with little to no effort

Nowadays, thousands of individuals are using Gmail for business and multiple personal reasons, which includes online faxing due to the free Gmail service by Google. They also continue to provide new features such as Google Drive to enable more storage, editing, photos, document management, and calendars.

Today, you can do many things when sitting in front of your computer. However, you should note that Gmail has no plans to introduce a feature to fax from your message box. This is evident on their service page. Google voice does not offer a faxing service despite it having an excellent communication alternative.

The good news is that there is an option of sending a fax from Gmail. Email faxing is a third party solution that you can use with Google to send a fax. The email faxing service provides you with a fax number and they digitally convert your outgoing and incoming faxes through Gmail. Through them, you do not need a faxing machine. They are efficient which saves you money and time.

With Gmail fax, you don’t need complicated setups and you won't spend money on cables and extra hardware. With a simple tutorial from the internet, anyone can send his or her first fax using Gmail fax.

The process

Send fax from Gmail is as easy as sending an email. You only add a few modifications.

  1. Create a new email by clicking the compose button.
  2. Enter the receiver’s info. This is usually in the “To” section where you enter the recipient's email. You will instead enter the receiver's fax number.
  3. Attach the documents as faxes. This is easy too. It is just like attaching documents when sending mail. Most online faxing platforms enable users to attach a variety of documents in different formats.
  4. Include a cover page in the area that you usually write the cover front when sending mail.
  5. Finally, you should confirm whether you have entered the correct fax number before clicking send. The services provider will convert and deliver your Gmail fax in a few minutes.

In conclusion, the above steps are the easiest way to send a Gmail fax. Ensure that you get a confirmation text too.