Faxing is still a big part of business life, ut you no longer need a fax machine and landline to send or receive faxed documents. All you need is your phone or computer, a Gmail account, and an internet connection. Let's look at how to send a fax today from the comfort of your own home.

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How to Send a Fax Without Even Leaving Your Home

Use Google Fax Services

Google faxing is a system of sending and receiving fax via your Gmail account. To do so, you connect a good digital faxing service provider like aFax to your Gmail. Then you're ready to start faxing.

Any documents you send in this way are not delivered digitally over the internet. Instead, they're delivered over analog landlines, just like documents sent from a physical fax machine. The only difference is, you're now initiating the delivery from the analog telephone landline of the faxing service provider, rather than your own landline.

How To Send Your First Google Fax 

If you're eager to fax your first document from your computer, head to aFax.com. Simply select “send a fax now” and follow the instructions to connect your Gmail and send your first fax. You can fax a document of up to five pages anywhere in the US for free.

Perfect While Working From Home

Perhaps you're working from home for the day and you don't want to dash to the office only to send a single fax. Well, you no longer need to.

When you send a fax from your phone or computer, it's received at the other end as an ordinary fax. The recipient has no idea whether you sent it while in the office or while reclining on your couch wearing pajamas.

Less Stress on Business Trips

If you're on a business trip and you suddenly need to send an urgent document via fax, you no longer have to rush around searching for a machine. Simply open your laptop and fax the document at your leisure.

Even while you're on a brief lunch break out of the office, you can now send and receive faxes on your phone. You're no longer chained to the office by the need to have a physical fax machine close at hand.

Simpler Storage and Sharing

All documents you send or receive using Gmail fax can be filed away and stored on a secure cloud service like Google Docs. This is far more efficient than the old system of printed paper, folders, and filing cabinets.

Once a document is digitally stored, you can easily share it with clients or coworkers. All you need is to provide them with a secure link to the document.

Reduce Clutter and Cost

Whether you have a home-based business or a traditional office-based business, less equipment and clutter make for a better workspace. With Gmail faxing, you no longer need a fax machine or a landline. You have fewer wires around the office. You don't need to use as much paper or ink either.

The cost savings of all this can be significant. Fax machines occasionally break down, requiring expensive repair or replacement. The cost of paper and ink also builds up over time.

Security Benefits Over Physical Fax

With a regular fax machine, any documents received often sit on the machine for a period of time. Any sensitive data on that printed page can be seen by anyone passing by. In the worst case, printed faxed documents can even go missing. Digital faxing gets rid of these two potential security problems.

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