If you want to send fax from Gmail, you can do it in the next few minutes. With a good third-party fax service, the process is really quite straightforward. You can even deliver your first Gmail faxes for free. Let's take a look at how to send a fax via Gmail today in a few simple steps.

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How to Send a Fax Via Gmail: Send Your Fax Instantly

How Faxing from Gmail Works

You might be wondering how a fax can be sent over the telephone lines from your Gmail account, which is on the internet. It's true that in the past, a business needed its own landline in order to send a fax. But these days, you can fax from your computer or even your phone without a landline. All you need is a wifi connection.

The key is to use someone else's telephone landline. When you connect to a third-party fax service you can send a PDF document to them from your Gmail account. They then turn it into a fax and deliver it over the Public Switched Telephone Network. At the other end, the receiver's fax machine will spring to life and print out your document.

Sign Up With RingCentral

First of all, you'll need to open an account with RingCentral. They offer a free trial while you learn the ropes of Gmail faxing. They'll also provide you with a fax number if you wish to receive faxes in your Gmail inbox as well as send them.

Input Your Gmail Address 

Next, you need to connect your Gmail account to RingCentral. You can do this by going to “settings” and navigating to “Outbound Calls/Faxes.” Here, enter your Gmail address into the list of permitted email accounts and save it. You're now ready to use your Gmail account like a fax machine.

Compose a New Email

Open your Gmail account and compose a new email. Attach the document you wish to fax to the email. This document should be in PDF format.

You can also type a few words into the subject line of the email if you like. Anything you write here will print out on the fax cover page.

Input Your Recipient's Fax Number

It's surprisingly easy to turn a fax number into an email format. For instance, the fax number 8661234567 becomes 8661234567@rcfax.com.

Using this format, put your recipient's fax number into the “TO” box of your email. You can send the same fax to other recipients at the same time if you like. Simply add their suffixed fax numbers into the “CC” box of your email.

Send Your Email

When you hit “Send,” your document will go straight to your provider, where it's immediately turned into analog fax format and delivered over the telephone network.

Delivery usually takes one minute for each page of your PDF document. This will be slightly longer if your document includes pictures.

Why It's Better to Send Fax From Gmail Than Fax Machine

Using old-school fax machines has quite a few downsides. For one, storage is often a cumbersome issue. It's hard for businesses to file and catalog hundreds and even thousands of printed fax documents over the years. These printed pieces of paper can degrade or go missing.

With Gmail faxing, every document you send or receive can be easily stored in Google Docs or another secure cloud-based storage system. From there, it's easy to organize documents and also to share them.

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