While most places rely on email or texting to send and receive information, every once in a while, you may still find yourself in need of a fax machine. It can be a challenge to find a fax machine when you need one, even in many office buildings. Fortunately, we can show you how to send a fax from your iPhone in no time.

How to Send a Fax from Your iPhone in 4 Easy Steps

A simple Google search will offer up any number of companies that offer fax services online. Some of them offer an email-based service, while others use an app interface. Your iPhone works well with both options if they are optimized for mobile use.

How Does It Work?

Online fax services offer the ability to translate data between fax format and web format. Without that software to convert the data, the two systems don't speak the same language.

The software also needs to be able to transmit the signal back and forth between the web and phone lines, which aren't necessarily compatible. So, no matter which method you choose, you'll need external software to make the different systems communicate.

Option 1: Use Your Email App

First, sign up for a service that offers an email interface. They will assign you a fax number that will be associated with your email address. That is the number you will use to both send and receive fax transmissions.

Most fax email services follow a simple protocol for sending your fax. For example, if you want to send a fax to 800-123-4567, then you would attach your fax using your fax provider's protocol to an email message addressed to “8001234567@yourfaxprovider.com” or whatever domain your fax provider uses.

To use your fax provider's email service, you'll follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your email service
  2. Attach your documents
  3. Address your email to the recipient as instructed
  4. Hit send

You'll receive incoming faxes to your email inbox, clearly labeled as fax transmissions. The person sending your fax simply sends a fax to the number your provider assigned to you. There is no difference on the sender's end.

Option 2: Use Your Electronic Fax Provider's App

Most online fax providers offer their own app or website where you can send and receive faxes. You'll want to make sure the site is optimized for use on mobile devices or it may not function well for you on your iPhone.

Again, your fax provider will assign you a fax number, which will appear automatically on all fax transmissions you send through their service. That number is also where you will receive incoming faxes.

To use your provider's web app service, you'll follow these steps:

  1. Open the app or go to the app webpage
  2. Fill out the form to send a fax
  3. Upload your documents
  4. Hit send

There is usually storage available for you in your app, so you'll have a record of any faxes you have sent or received through the service.

Which option works best is entirely about convenience. Some providers have interfaces that won't lend themselves well to mobile use. A clear, clean interface will help it load quickly and clearly on your iPhone so you can navigate it easily.

Fax service interfaces beautifully with email, so it's uncomplicated and efficient. Often, you can also opt to get text messages when you receive a fax if you would rather not have to watch your email or app for it. One of our favorite providers is aFax. The app is streamlined and simple, so you can easily enter any information you need to send in just a few seconds. Visit aFax today to sign up and get started.