In 2022, it isn't a big deal if you don't have a fax machine. Whether you need to send a fax once in a blue moon or you find yourself sending faxes every day, you can simplify the entire process when you learn how to fax from a smartphone. Although this may sound more complicated than using a normal fax machine, it's actually easier than you think to turn your smart device into a virtual fax machine.

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How to Send a Fax From a Smartphone

To send a fax from your phone, tablet, or another smart device, you will first need to subscribe to an online fax service so you can have access to a digital fax number. The digital fax number will be unique to you and will work as a sort of plug-in for your Gmail account. Once you have a digital fax number, you can turn any email into a fax by simply putting a fax number in the “send to” address field.

Does It Matter What Type of Operating System You Have?

Fortunately, because online fax service providers create applications that are compatible with multiple devices, it doesn't matter if you have an iOS or Android operating system. This is also why you can use other devices apart from your smartphone to send a virtual fax.

Furthermore, if your application isn't working for any reason, you can go directly to your email website on the internet to send a fax or use an online fax service portal, depending on who your vendor is.

Can You Attach Documents From Cloud Storage?

Yes, you can grab documents you want to fax from your cloud storage. These days, most people don't store important documents on local devices. Not only does cloud storage make it easier to access documents from multiple devices, but cloud storage also offers additional security.

That said, although you can use cloud storage to attach documents to your virtual fax, you can also attach documents that have been downloaded from the internet. You also have the option of scanning physical documents onto your computer or another device to send as a virtual fax.

Is Faxing From a Smartphone Secure?

Sending a fax from your smartphone is just as secure as sending a fax with a traditional fax machine. This is because your online fax provider will give you a secure digital fax number with end-to-end encryption that will keep your data secure when you send your fax. This level of security will protect your data from hacking, malware, and other potential cyber-attacks.

Why Would You Still Need to Fax in 2022?

Even though faxing and fax machines have fallen out of style for most people, individuals such as office workers, lawyers, small business owners, and physicians may still need to fax frequently. Using a fax machine to send documents is preferable in certain industries because of strict compliance laws about privacy.

Since a fax channel is more secure than sending an ordinary email, many legal offices, hospitals, and schools prefer to send sensitive documents via fax. Even pharmacies will prefer faxing prescriptions since this creates an official paper trail.

When you have a subscription to an online fax service, you can easily turn your email into a tool for all of your faxing needs. Regardless of the operating system for your smartphone, you can send a fax from your email and trust that your fax will be secure because of end-to-end encryption.

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