Although most businesses rely on more high-tech solutions to transmit certain forms of data, there is still a place for fax in everyday life. For example, faxing may be necessary to send medical records, employment information, school transcripts, and much more. Luckily, it's easier than ever to use digital faxing when you have a Google fax number.

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How to Get Your Google Fax Number: We Show You How

A Google fax number is essentially a special email assigned to your normal Gmail account. This number is unique to your contact information and will allow you to essentially email documents to a receptive fax machine.

To get a fax number for your Google account, you will simply need to have an active Gmail and find a third-party vendor to provide you with the digital fax software. Online fax services can offer many other benefits that make it easy to send documents through your Google account.

How Does Faxing From Google Work?

To fax from your Gmail account, you will need to have a membership with an online fax service associated with your email. When you register with an online faxing service, you will be assigned a unique fax number that will serve as a digital contact code for you to send and even receive faxes. From there, all you need to do is input the fax number you are sending documents to and attach the file you wish to send.

Accepted Files

Online fax services accept almost all types of files to be faxed. This can include Microsoft Word files, Google Doc files, PDFs, and other types of files. You can attach files to your digital fax from your Google Drive, Microsoft Drive, phone storage, or even your computer.

PDF Conversion

PDF conversion is an essential component of digital faxing. PDF is the most widely accepted and easily accessible type of document that can be used to transmit data. Not only are PDFs easy to open and print, but they also deliver a clean version of the document that will not need to be altered before it is printed.

Does Google Have a Free Fax Service?

Google does not have a free fax service, which is why you will need to register with a third-party vendor. The best way to use a digital fax number is to incorporate your online fax service into your Google Workspace, particularly if you need to fax documents frequently.

Why Is Digital Faxing Better?

Digital faxing is better than traditional faxing for a few reasons. For one thing, digital fax does not require printing, so it can be argued that a digital service is less hassle and more environmentally friendly. Other ways digital fax is superior include:

No Busy Signal

If you've ever had to use traditional fax before, then you may be aware of the busy signal that may occur if the receiving fax machine is already processing a fax. A busy signal can mean that you will need to try to send your fax later, which can cut into your free time or interfere with a deadline. However, with a digital fax service, there is no business signal even if the receiving fax machine is already processing a fax.

Confident Faxing

Sending a digital fax is also a more confident way of faxing. In the past, traditional faxing required confirmation from the receiving fax machine. However, with digital fax, you have a digital trail and a guarantee that your fax will be received.

Faxing from your Gmail account can be an easy way to conduct business. However, to fax from your Google account, you will need to register with a third-party fax service so that you can have a digital fax number. Interested in sending a fax from your Gmail account?

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