Forget about old-fashioned fax machines that are slow, cause paper jams, need ink and toner, maintenance, and just take up space. Now, with fast and efficient online faxing, you can send faxes securely from your desktop, laptop, and cellphone from anywhere at any time. Below we will show you how to fax without a fax machine quickly and conveniently.

How to Fax Without a Fax Machine: Get Started Today

Online Faxing

Send and receive faxes without the need for a bulky old fax machine. With online faxing, you can send and receive fax documents via the internet directly to your inbox from anywhere in the world. You don't have to worry about busy signals or the cost of expensive long-distance fees. All you need is your desktop, laptop, or cellphone to securely send and receive fax documents from anywhere on the planet, and aFax will do the rest.

The aFax App

By adding the high-tech aFax app to your Gmail, you will enter a whole new era of digital technology, simplify faxing and streamlining communication. It's an easy, convenient, cost-effective method to privately and securely receive and send confidential fax documents directly from your inbox anywhere you have Gmail. Any fax that you send or receive is secure. Faxes can't be intercepted, ensuring private and safe communication.

You will never have to worry about busy signals, even when you receive or send a fax. With aFax, local and toll-free numbers are the same price, cutting out the expense of long-distance fees. The aFax app comes with numerous options and flexibility. You can even create a personalized cover page to accompany each fax you send out.

Sending Online Faxes

Sending faxes doesn't get easier than this. You can send faxes to other online fax inboxes and fax machines directly from your Gmail account on your desktop, laptop, or cellphone without any hassles. All you need to do is open your Gmail. Attach the fax document you want to send to your email message from any file on your computer, GoogleDrive, or Dropbox, and simply hit the send button.

The file that you attached will be converted by aFax to pdf format. This will ensure that the fax machine you are sending the document to correctly decodes the data into a clear fax copy. Yes, it's that easy and convenient.

Receiving Online Faxes

With aFax you can receive online fax documents from another online fax inbox or a fax machine. If a sender is faxing from a fax machine, your assigned online fax number will be dialed. The fax machine will send the information as usual over the phone line.

Then aFax will convert the data into an image file and send it directly to your email inbox. You will receive an email message with an attachment. You just have to open the email and attachment to view the faxed document.

The aFax app provides you with a fast, convenient, and secure online faxing system, saving you time and money. Visit now and start faxing online directly from your inbox on your desktop or mobile device.