Do you still need to send a fax in 2022 or will email be enough? For some people, such as remote workers and small business owners, sending a fax is just another way to conduct business. Fortunately, it's easy to learn how to fax from home without a fax machine.

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How To Fax in 2022 (Yes, It's Possible)

Although sending a fax is comparatively rarer than sending an email, there are times when a fax is the preferable mode of communication for sensitive documents. Learning how to send a virtual fax is something that can be done in less than 10 minutes when you have the right tools.

Find an Online Fax Service

First, you will need to find an online fax service provider. This can be an application that works as a plug-in for your email or it can be an online portal you use to send a virtual fax. Regardless of the specific type of online fax service provider, you will need to register your account with your Gmail or another email account.

Select Your Device

Once you are registered with an online fax service provider, you will need to select the device you want to use to send your fax. Because your fax application can be installed on multiple devices or used through a web portal, you can usually use any device to send a virtual fax. This can include your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. As long as your device can access the internet, it is an ideal tool to use for your faxing needs.

Compose a New Email

Next, you will need to log into your email account and open a new email to compose. Your online fax service provider will have assigned you a digital fax number that will allow you to use your email address as an online fax machine. Instead of selecting an email address to send your fax to, you will simply input a fax number.

Attach Documents

The next step is to attach the documents you want to send with your online fax. This can include Google documents, Word documents, spreads sheets, PDF files, and other text documents. You can attach documents directly from the cloud or local storage on your device.

Wait for Confirmation

After you send your email fax, you will wait for a confirmation email that your fax was successfully sent. This will serve as physical proof that you have sent sensitive documents, which may be important if you are sending documents to a lawyer or a hospital.

Why Is Fax Still Used in 2022?

With email so readily accessible, is there even still use for a fax machine in 2022? The truth is that many professionals prefer to use fax for the sake of security and because official documents have certain regulation laws. For example, some documents must be sent on secure channels to meet compliance laws, such as HIPAA.

Sending a fax is more secure than sending an email, even if you are sending a virtual fax. Your online fax provider will give you a digital fax number that creates an encrypted channel that you can use to send information securely. Fax is more protected from malware, viruses, and hacking.

Although sending a fax seems like an outdated action, there are still times when you will need to send a fax to keep up with compliance laws or transmit information more securely. It's easy to send a fax from the internet when you are registered with an online fax service provider.

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