Gone are the days of needing bulky, outdated fax machine equipment to send and receive faxes for your business. Faxing from Gmail is simple, cost-effective, and streamlined using the aFax™ app. Read on to discover how to fax from email so your business can cut back on paper costs and join the digital age.

How to Fax From Email: Machine-Free and No Hassle

Start Faxing With Email Today

The award-winning aFax™ app allows you to send and receive faxes directly via Gmail. Using your desktop computer, a secure online portal, or your mobile device, you can easily send faxes digitally knowing your documents will get to the right places. You can now send faxes anytime, from anywhere, while avoiding the paper and maintenance costs of owning and operating a traditional fax machine.Sign up is easy. The aFax™ app pairs with your existing Gmail account so you can create an account and start sending and receiving faxes in minutes. There's no need to struggle with a complicated sign up process. We know that time is money and our mission is to make faxing as simple and efficient as possible for our clients so you can spend less time standing around a fax machine and more time taking care of business.

Sending Your First Fax

Once you're signed up, sending your first fax from email is easy. Simply compose a new email from your Gmail account addressed to your recipient's fax number with “@onafax.com” added to the end (ex: 1334445555@onafax.com). Just as you would write any other email, you can craft a custom cover page, attach files from GoogleDrive, Dropbox or your hard drive, and hit send. With aFax™, your attachments will be converted to .pdf so your clients receive the cleanest communication in the most efficient format for viewing.

Faxing with aFax™ will save you time and money. When you send a fax directly from Gmail using our app, you never have to worry about busy signals on the other end. This means your time is used efficiently – no more waiting around to make sure your fax is sent through. Toll-free and local numbers are also the same price through aFax™, so you can send and receive faxes without any pesky long-distance fees.

Create Your Own Fax Number

With aFax™, you can create your own custom fax number that works just like every other phone line, but without the tricky dialing rules. Now your customers can fax you anytime, from anywhere! Your clients will never receive a busy signal, so you can receive multiple faxes at once. Incoming faxes will be securely stored in your aFax™ app inbox and custom text message alerts can be set up so you never miss a new fax.

Faxing with email is easily the most efficient and cost-effective way to send and receive faxes for your business. Ready to start faxing your documents through Gmail? Bring a touch of efficiency, modernity, and simplicity to your business and start using  aFax™ app today.