Gmail faxing might sound complicated. But don't fret; it's a very straightforward process. After you've tried it a few times, Gmail faxing becomes as easy as sending an email. In this post, we'll explain how you can effortlessly send a fax from Gmail today.

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How Hard Is It to Send a Fax From Gmail? (It's Super Easy)

The Difference Between Gmail Fax and Normal Fax

With ordinary fax, you use a fax machine to deliver a document via the Public Switched Telephone Network. So you need your own landline and fax machine.

With Gmail fax, you compose an email in your Gmail account. You attach the document to that email and then send it to a third-party fax provider. That fax provider converts your document into a format suitable for delivery over telephone lines. They then deliver it to your recipient as a fax.

Once You're Connected, It's Just Like Emailing

First, you'll need to sign up with a third-party fax provider like aFax or aFax. That takes a minute or two. With aFax, you can start with a free trial. With aFax, you can send your first few pages for free.  

Then you need to connect your Gmail account to that provider. All this takes is typing your email into a box and hitting “save.” After that, your designated Gmail account has effectively become a digital fax machine.

Transform Fax Number Into Emails

When you want to send a fax using aFax, you add to the end of your recipient's fax number. For example, if my receiver's fax number was 9077654321, I would type into the “TO” box of my email.

Attach Your Document

Then I attach my document to that email and send it. aFax receives the document and transforms it into base64 binary format, which is the language of telephone lines.

aFax then delivers the fax to the recipient's fax machine. The receiver doesn't know if you sent it from a fax machine or from Gmail; it's all the same at their end.

Receive Faxes in Your Inbox

Perhaps you're sending a contract that needs to be signed and faxed back to you. Your third-party fax provider will set up a unique fax number for you. Or, if you already have your own fax number, you can connect that number to the account instead.

Any fax delivered to your fax number can be redirected to arrive in your Gmail inbox. This is often far more secure than using a fax machine because the document doesn't print out on the office machine for anyone to read. It comes directly to you and you only.

Organizations That Still Use Fax

Many business owners are drawn to Gmail fax because they're dealing with a company that insists on using fax rather than email. These fax-friendly organizations are usually found in the law, health, or finance industries. Government offices, including the CIA, also insist on fax for correspondence of highly sensitive data.

You Don't Need To Invest in a Machine

Fortunately, there's no need for you to buy a bulky fax machine to appease these organizations. Simply set up your online faxing account and use your Gmail instead.

Any documents you deliver this way are just as secure as ordinary fax. The document is encrypted end-to-end between your Gmail account and aFax, so it cannot be intercepted and tampered with. Also, aFax's security protocols are robust enough to satisfy the health industry's extremely strict HIPAA regulations.

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