Sending documents by fax isn't as common as it used to be, but sometimes it is still required. It's likely that you don't have a fax machine, so how are you going to send your document? There's no need to worry. Continue reading to find out how to send a fax online. 

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How Can I Send a Fax Online for Free?

To send a fax online, all you need is an email account and an online fax provider. The online providers charge a monthly fee for ongoing use, but if you just want to send a one-off document, you can take advantage of a free trial.

It is very easy to get set up to send your fax document by email. You probably already have an email address, so you will just need to sign up for your online provider and figure out how to turn a fax number into a fax address.

Sign Up for an Online Provider

You will need an online provider to convert your email into a fax. The provider acts like a middleman, receiving your document and forwarding it to your recipient. There are lots of providers to choose from, so take a look at all the options and decide which is best for your needs.

Choose a Package or Get a Free Trial

Each online provider offers different package options. These ranges in price depending on how many documents and pages you need to send. If you only want to send a couple of faxes a month, you can opt for a basic, cheaper package. If you have a business and need to send faxes regularly, you can choose a more comprehensive package that will allow you to send a much larger number of pages.

If you don't think you'll need to send regular faxes, and just want to send a one-off document, you can sign up for a free trial. You can always decide later to commit to a package if you like the service and think you'll use it regularly.

Get a Fax Number

When you join an online provider, you will get a fax number so that you can receive faxes as well as send them. You just need to give this number to the sender, and the document will arrive in your email inbox as an attachment. Some of the more comprehensive packages will give you multiple numbers. This is useful if you have a business and would like your employees to have individual numbers.

You will be able to choose between a local number and a toll-free number. A local number can appear more trustworthy as it is linked to your location, but a toll-free number has the obvious advantage of not costing your sender any money. Think about which is best for your needs and decide which option you prefer.

How to Send a Fax Online to a Fax Address

When you send a fax from your email address, you will need to convert your recipient's fax number into a fax address. This is made up of the fax number and your online provider's domain name. They will give this to you when you sign up, or you can usually find it on their website.

A fax address looks just like an email address. Let's use an example to demonstrate. Your recipient's fax number is 800-555-8888, and your provider's domain name is thisfaxdomain. You will send your document to

Write Your Fax From Your Email Inbox

Now that you have your online provider and your recipient's fax address, you just need to compose your fax. It's just like writing an email. The fax address is entered where you would usually put an email address.
It is a good idea to include a title and cover letter to introduce your document to your recipient. The title goes in the subject line of the email, and the text of the cover letter goes in the main body of the email. This will then print as the first page of your fax, before your main fax document.

Attach Your Document

Your main fax document is added to your email as an attachment. Click on the paperclip icon and find the desired file. You can attach multiple documents, and they will all be sent as a single fax. Just keep an eye on the total number of pages, as this could be limited as part of your free trial or your package.

Using your email to fax really is that simple, so why not send a fax now and see for yourself? Once you've signed up with your online provider, it's as easy as sending an email. Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice!