You might suddenly be asked to send a document by fax when dealing with an organization in government, health, law, or finance. But if you don't have a fax machine, you'll quickly be searching, “How to send a fax near me?” or something similar. Don't worry: there's no need to find a fax machine because you can send a fax directly from your computer. Here, we'll lay out exactly how to do it.

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How Can I Fax a Document From My Computer?

Use a Third-Party Faxing Service

All you need to send a fax from your computer is a third-party faxing service provider. When you give your document to this fax provider, they'll fax it for you. It's that simple.

The faxing provider takes your PDF document and converts it into an analog format, which they then send over their phoneline to the recipient's fax number. Your recipient will receive the document printed out on their fax machine, just like an ordinary fax.

How To Send Your First Computer Fax For Free

You can fax a document in the next few minutes using aFax. Here's how to do it.

Sign Up

If you're new to computer faxing, you can test the waters for free. During your trial, they'll even provide you with a fax number to receive faxes.

Click To Compose a New Fax

Select the “fax” option to prepare a new fax. This will open up the page to compose your fax, much like composing an email.

Enter Your Receiver's Fax Number

Next, you'll be asked to type in the fax number you wish your document to be delivered to. You can save contacts in your app so you won't have to type the number in each time.

Add a Cover Page (Optional)

If you like, you can choose a cover page from a number of templates. This is the first page that will be printed by the machine at the other end. When you've selected a cover page template, you can write a subject line and a few more details if you wish.

Cover pages are considered a matter of professional courtesy. They also help conceal any sensitive data in your document from anyone glancing at the printed fax on the machine before it's collected.

Attach Your PDF Document

You're now ready to attach your document. Upload it from your computer, just as you would with an email.

Faxed documents are usually in PDF format. Although, they can be images as well. And if your receiver is also using a computer fax service, you can even fax a video to them.

Click “Send” to Deliver Your Fax

Finally, when you're ready, hit “send.” The document will be converted into an analog format and delivered promptly to your receiver. If they use a fax machine, it will shortly be printed out.

How To “Send a Fax Near Me” While On the Move

What's the only communication device that's even nearer to you than your computer? The answer is, of course, your smartphone.

With online faxing, you don't even need a computer to fax. You can do it all from your phone. The process is much the same. This incredible convenience is why online faxing is fast supplanting traditional machines and becoming the go-to faxing system for businesses everywhere.

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